20 Apr 2024
The YLC guide to Stockholm concert halls
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The YLC guide to Stockholm concert halls

With Sweden being the third largest exporter of pop and rock music in the world, the country’s love for music is reflected in the Stockholm music scene, which is one of the most thriving in Europe. So stop wandering aimlessly and check out the YLC guide to where to take in a gig!

Concert Halls in Stockholm 

With a number of concerts to choose from every week, we Stockholmers are spoiled for choice –  sometimes big artists are playing, other times it’s small indie bands, but you can bet your bottom krona that SOMETHING is going on  – so keep your eyes peeled for upcoming gigs!




As the name suggests, Cirkus used to host Stockholm’s circus. Opened in 1892 and located on the peaceful Djurgården island, Cirkus’ events mainly include theatre performances and musicals, but occasionally some great artists both Swedish and international are playing live on his stage. The majestic circular hall can host between 1,650 and 1,800 people.

Address: Djurgårdslåtten 43-45, 115 21 Stockholm

Tel No:  08 660 10 20


Annexet (Stockholm Globe Arenas)

Located only a few metro stops south from the city centre, Annexet is part of the bigger Stockholm Arenas compound, which includes one of Stockholm’s best known landmarks, Globen, only a few steps away. Originally built for ice hockey training purposes, Annexet usually hosts the most famous artists that are playing in Stockholm due to its size: with a capacity of up to 3,000-3,500 people, Annexet is one of the biggest concert halls in Stockholm.

Address: Globentorget 2, 121 77 Johanneshov

Tel No:  08 600 91 00


Hornstull Strand

Hornstull Strand, one of the coolest and youngest places of trendy Södermalm island, is currently undergoing some major changes: this bar, club and concert hall is managed since January 2nd 2013 by the other big player of Stockholm music scene, Debaser. The building is going through some renovation works and all the concerts previously booked at Hornstull Strand have been moved to Debaser premises. There is no final date set for the reopening yet, but what is sure is that Debaser Hornstull Strand will keep its original format: restaurant, Bar Brooklyn and concert hall. Its position, right on the waterfront, makes it one of Stockholmers’ favourite places to spend some relaxing hours during the long summer days.

Address: Hornstull Strand 4, 117 39 Stockholm

Tel No: 08 669 47 80



Färgfabriken is first of all an exhibition space with a focus on experimentation and interdisciplinarity. However, from time to time, Färgfabriken organizes concerts of small both international and Swedish artists. If you are into industrial architecture, the building itself is worth a visit: it was built in 1889 for mowers production and was called Palmcrantz House. Some years later, in 1902, the paint firm William Becker started producing paint and soap in the building until 1970. Renovations works were carried out and Färgfabriken reopened as an exhibition space in 1995, hosting a cosy cafe and concert room downstairs, under a beautiful vaulted ceiling.

Address: Lövholmsbrinken 1, 117 43 Stockholm

Tel No: 08 645 07 07



Debaser Medis

Right in the middle of Södermalm you find Debaser Medis, one of the two concert halls bearing the Debaser name. Slightly bigger than its sister Debaser Slussen, Debaser Medis hosts some of the nicest acts of the international indie scene. One way or another, most of the currently Swedish big names have started their career with a gig at Debaser. Opened in 2006, Debaser Medis can host up to 850 people. When the concert is over, the bar on the second floor offers you a view on Medborgarplatsen and if you have not had enough music for one evening, you can also choose more songs from the jukebox. Not into music tonight? Longing to watch a film with friends? Not everybody knows that Debaser Medis also hosts a movie theatre!

Address: Medborgarplatsen 8, 118 26 Stockholm

Tel No: 08 694 79 00



The oldest entertainment venue in Stockholm, Berns opened exactly 150 years ago in 1863 under the direction of pastry chef Heinrich Robert Berns. Already during the 19th century it was, and still is, one of the classiest places in Stockholm. The capital’s most famous personality, August Strindberg, used to spend hours discussing politics with friends in the so-called Red Room, named after his most known novel. Berns hosts a hotel, a restaurant, a club, a concert hall and several meeting rooms. It’s impossible not to fall in love with its concert hall, called Stora Salongen, a majestic room decorated with gold and stucco and enormous chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Concerts run throughout the whole year and Berns mainly attracts artists with an eye for aesthetics and details that want to give a special treat to their audience.

Address: Berzelii Park, 103 27 Stockholm

Tel No: 08 566 322 00


Debaser Slussen

The smaller counterpart of Debaser Medis, Debaser Slussen opened in 2002 and offers the best of the indie and underground music scene in Stockholm. If you want to be the first one among your friends to know who the next big artists will be, then have a look at Debaser Slussen’s concert calendar. Cool and young, Debaser Slussen is always on the spot for the best new emerging bands. Debaser Slussen has concerts running almost each day and it´s open six days per week. Keep an eye on their agenda since every month they are offering wonderful small gigs with free entrance, an occasion not to be missed in one of the world´s most expensive cities. At the weekends, concerts are usually followed by after parties and DJ-sets. In summer the bar moves outside to let you take advantage of the late sun.

Address: Karl Johans Torg 1, 111 30 Stockholm

Tel No: 08 30 56 20


Södra Teatern

Despite the name, Södra Teatern today focuses more on live music than on theatre performances. It hosts seven stages, from the Stora Scen, classically set up as a theatre auditorium, to the small Södra Bar, Kägelbanan and Etablissemanget. If you are going to attend a concert at Södra Teatern, chances are high you will be in one of these four venues. It organizes after-parties, usually at Kägelbanan and one-night music festivals. In summer you even have three outdoor terraces to choose from.

Address: Mosebacke torg 1-3

Tel No: 08 531 99 490

Be sure to check the age limit for each event. Age restrictions can vary from 13+ until 20+.

Article: Pamela Cominetti

Photo Credit: marfis75

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