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Vernissage of 1 Way Ticket a photo exhibition

Vernissage of 1 Way Ticket a photo exhibition

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01/06/2018 17:00 - 20:00
Address: Kaknästornet, 115 27 Stockholm, Sweden

1 Way Ticket photo exhibition
The vernissage will take place on June 1 between 17:00 - 20:00
The exhibition will then run from June 1 to June 30.
The exhibited photos belong to a series of landscapes of Sweden and all around the world called 1 Way Ticket.

About 1 Way Ticket (artist statement):
I left Mexico 2006 with a one way ticket in my hand, not knowing when (or if) I would go back. I went to England to study a Master of Arts in Visual Communications, and during my studies, I developed an artistic idea of departure with indefinite duration, which later became the topic of my MA Thesis. I have carefully nurtured this concept over the years, and I call this art of departure 1 Way Ticket.
1 Way Ticket is the art of external action - moving, migrating, and the physical experience of being alive. But it is also the internal journey, the emotional-spiritual side of life, and the coalition of these two journeys manifests through images - through MY art.
The journey of exploration and its expression; that is 1 Way Ticket. With the eye of my camera lens I explore places, and in the images I capture, even if you don’t see me or anybody else, there’s always an element that expresses a feeling or an aspect of the human personality. These images are part of an external and internal journey that has no end. That will keep on evolving.