12 Jul 2024
The National @ Annexet

The National @ Annexet

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04/11/2017 19:30 - 23:00
Address: Annexet, Arenatorget, Johanneshov, Sweden

In order to qualify for a place in the indie rock scene, it doesn't only take a good album, but a whole act that shouts quality. Since the mid-00s, The National has done just what it takes - released albums after albums that both tickled and relegated everyone who took the time to listen, while working on a reputation as a live act of rank. With Matt Berninger's matte vocal style on top of a dynamic soundtrack based on sensitivity as the main signature, The National is actually a quality stamp in itself. The Nationals landmark's long-awaited seventh full-length "Sleep Well Beast" was released. Now we have the great honor to receive The National in Sweden for two gigs in the two days.