24 Jul 2024
Symphonic Memories

Symphonic Memories

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This year's video game music concert with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra presents the timeless music from some of the world's most popular Japanese roleplaying games. Welcome to an evening with several audience favourites - and a world premiere!

The music from the extensive Final Fantasy series is probably the most beloved and famous soundtrack of today. Since more than 30 years, the legendary world of Final Fantasy has stirred the imagination of people all over the world. Its musical universe comprises a rich variety of genres and expressions. Japanese Nobuo Uematsu is undoubtedly the most outstanding and well-known game music composer of today. In this concert, we will hear his suggestive and imaginative music from FINAL FANTASY VI and VIII.

The latest addition to the game series, No. 15, was released in 2016 and has a darker and more realistic atmosphere than previous games in the series. The soundtrack is composed by another of the gaming world's major musical profiles: Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Mana, etc.). Konserthuset Stockholm will present the world premiere of an entirely new movement of her music from FINAL FANTASY XV.

The concert will also feature beloved melodies from CHRONO TRIGGER/CHRONO CROSS by Yasunori Mitsuda.

With soul-stirring orchestral arrangements by Jonne Valtonen and Roger Wanamo, the concert promises to be a remarkable musical journey, where the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic's full sound palette and grand virtuosity will be displayed.

Symphonic Memories has been developed by Merregnon Studios, the team behind many other successful and award-winning game music concerts. In Konserthuset Stockholm, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra has previously featured Symphonic Fantasies (2012), Final Symphony (2014) and Final Symphony II (2016).