21 May 2024
SM Finals Innebandy 2018

SM Finals Innebandy 2018

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21/04/2018 10:30 - 22:00
Ericsson Globe
Address: Ericsson Globe, Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to Ericsson Globe and the 17th edition of the SM Final in Ladies and Gentlemen. It will be a great day with Sweden and the world's best club team making up the SM Cup in a crucial match.
World class classroom is not the only thing you will experience as a visitor. You will find a lot of different activities that our partners offer and, of course, the latest and hottest inband products.
For those who have the strength left, the evening ends in the annexe with the SM final official afterfest together with over 1000 other people and final teams.

10:30 - The doors to Funzone / Annexet are opened
10:30 - The doors to Ericsson Globe are opened
12:15 - Ladies finals
15:15 - Men's final
22:00 - The final of the SM final in the annex.
The matchtider is preliminary