17 Jun 2024
Hans Zimmer Live – Europe Tour 2021

Hans Zimmer Live – Europe Tour 2021

Hans Zimmer Live - Europe Tour 2021 stockholm concert sweden
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Hans Zimmer returns to Stockholm! After a world tour that gathered over a million fans in arenas around the world in 2014-2019, the multiple award-winning composer returns to Sweden as part of his European tour.

In the brand new show, Hans Zimmer, along with his band, orchestra and choir will perform the most beautiful and powerful of the fans' favorite films scores. In addition, Zimmer will perform pieces that are not often played live.

Hans Zimmer has created some of the most famous and influential film music compositions of our time. The composer - who received his 11th Oscar nomination 2018 for music for Christopher Nolan's success "Dunkirk" - has set the standard for how films sound today.

Some of Zimmer's most beloved works are "Gladiator", "The Thin Red Line", "Rain Man", "Dark Knight" triology, "Inception", "Thelma & Louise", "Back Hawk Down" and "The Last Samurai ". Many of these will be offered during the concert, along with parts of his catalog that are rarely performed live.