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Loreen @ Mosebacketerrassen

Loreen @ Mosebacketerrassen

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15/06/2018 19:30 - 22:30
Södra Teatern
Address: Södra Teatern, Mosebacke Torg, Stockholm, Sweden

Loreen broke through with her win in Eurovision Song Contest 2012. The winner of Euphoria became a well world known star who reached the top spot in the top lists in 21 countries.

That same year, her critically acclaimed debut album Heal came with the singles My Heart's Refusing Me and Crying Out Your Name, and since then she has been touring Europe all over the world with short stops in the studio.

In the fall of 2017 came the single 71 Charger, the first chapter of what would be pouring out in the new album Ride, Loreen's biggest statement so far. With Ride, Loreen's music takes a new turn where she presents an honest, raw, but also softer side of one of Sweden's most interesting artists.

On June 15 you will see her under the sky on the Moseback terrace!

Entrance fee: 295 SEK (including service charge).
The terrace opens at 18.00, on stage 19.30. Note Only standing.
Age limit 18 years (13 years in company of parent or legal guardian).
For information about the Södra Theater accessibility, contact [email protected].