29 May 2024
Garageland: Riddarna, True Moon, Stilla Havet och It’s For Us

Garageland: Riddarna, True Moon, Stilla Havet och It’s For Us

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06/01/2018 19:00 - 07/01/2018 03:00
Debaser Strand
Address: Debaser Hornstulls Strand, Hornstulls strand, Stockholm, Sweden

Garageland kickes off in 2018 with a bunch of awesome live evenings on Debaser. First out is an evening with four of our favorite bands from the Swedish post-stage scene: The Knights, the True Moon, the Pacific Ocean and It's For Us.

Free entrance before 20:00, then 150 SEK.
Sat 6 Jan 19-03
Beach, Great Scene
DJs: Garageland + Rebecka Ljung (HYMN)

RIDDARNA (23:00)
Three years have passed since Knight's latest album Underground (2014), but now they're finally back! The Knights' new album "Another Time" is released on the always-as-hit record label Novoton. Here, dark postpunk blends with intimate indie and experimental rock in an obvious way. The result is a real hit, one of Sweden's strongest Swedish recordings. "Another time" shines, pulses and vibrates, music that is both dreamy and brutal. After striking on the new record, Garageland looks forward to the first Stockholm rifle of the Knights for a very long time.

TRUE MOON (22:00)
Many people know Karolina Engdahl and Tommy Tift from their punk band Won No, but when they make music like True Moon, they leave behind the punk behind them. True Moon is a brew on equal parts postpunk, new wave and darkwave. Music that is as dark and suggestive as it is catchy and dancing. The influences come from classic bands like Siouxsie and The Banshees, The Mission and Heart, but presented in a very modern way. Last year, True Moon released its brilliant debut album and the band is now working on the sequel.

Every time we have seen the Pacific Ocean live in Garageland we have become completely floored. Intensity and energy are no different to the Swedish life scene. That is why we are extremely pleased that the Pacific Ocean will finally be on stage on one of our evenings. The Pacific Ocean is Elias Eriksson's (from Boris & The Yeltsins) solo project, a razor sharp hybrid between postpunk and indiepop. Last year, the debit album was released, a disc packed with amazing songs like "The Beginning of an End", "A Silent Minute," "My Heart" and "Idiots."

IT'S FOR US (20:00)
Early this year, It's For Us released its debut album on the always equally reliable record label, Luxury. The album has one leg in dark postpunk and the other in driven indie rock, and balances safely between cool shades and chaotic soundwalls. It's For Us played at Garageland in connection with the album release and then showed what awesome live bands they are. Dense, dark and energetic music that does not teach to leave someone in the audience unmoved.