29 May 2024
Fritz Kalkbrenner @ Berns

Fritz Kalkbrenner @ Berns

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22/05/2020 19:00 - 23:00
Address: Berzelii park 1, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden

Fritz Kalkbrenner returns to Stockholm during his True Colors Tour 2020 and takes over Berns with his magical live show for the first time!

Born in East Berlin in 1981, Fritz Kalkbrenner was very impressed and influenced by the 90s techno scene in Germany where he followed his brother Paul Kalkbrenner's footsteps into the modern world of electronic music. After working in film and television for a time Fritz suddenly appeared as a vocalist on the song "Forms & Shapes" produced by his close friend Sascha Funke. It was with this release that his career kicked off.

By pure coincidence, Fritz slipped in as a vocalist when Brother Paul produced the soundtrack to an underground movie under the name "Berlin Calling" which would become a milestone in techno music. After the legendary song "Sky & Sand" was made, Fritz began producing his own music and signed with SUOL REC 2010 with the intention of creating his soulful and deep electronic house. His debut album "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" was released the same year and his way of working as a vocalist over his own productions proved to be very successful.

His upcoming albums and singles have also been very successful with top rankings on German singles lists. After touring the world with his live shows and DJ sets, he returned to producing a purely instrumental underground house album which resulted in the epic album "Drown" 2018. With its release, he also started his own label "Nasua Music" where he started producing new music in 2019 where the first single "Kings & Queens" was released in October. The single was followed up by Fritz's new album "True Colors".