29 May 2024
Disco 2000 Live: Miio & Mange Schmidt

Disco 2000 Live: Miio & Mange Schmidt

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16/02/2018 23:00 - 17/02/2018 05:00
Club Backdoor
Address: Arenaslingan 14, 121 77 Johanneshov, Sweden

At Disco 2000, Håkan Hellström hits the happy street while Shakira is wondering "whenever, wherever". The boat Anna controls the bar, and Outkast hangs in Da Club together with Paris Hilton, which has "a world of her own".

t.A.T.u can not remove Kylie Minogue from their heads even though Benny Benassi for King and Foster Ireland shows how the latest angle grinder works. And everyone knows that "It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane" for you, me and death, and no ketchup in the world wants to know where you bought your shirt.

So do not stop moving, if this is not love it's Disco 2000 - for nostalgic millenniumkids!