20 Apr 2024
Chromatics w/ Desire @ Berns

Chromatics w/ Desire @ Berns

Chromatics Berns Stockholm
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Chromatics embarks on an extensive European tour. The Double Exposure Tour reaches its second stop, in the European half, Stockholm for an evening out of the ordinary. Chromatics will be making its first Swedish gig in seven years, will perform favourites from Night Drive, Kill For Live, Cherry and Dear Tommy. Backed by Johnny Jewels films mixed by video artists Danny Perez, all possible boundaries between concerts, scenes and screens are blurred.


With them this evening they also have Montreal-based Desire. There will be just as many parts of italo-disco and dream pop as a minimalist wave and kraut rocking the evening with Under Your Spell, which featured in the movie Drive.


Chromatics recently released the single Time Rider, a metaphor of the bridge between the future and the past. Now you can finally experience it live.