18 Jul 2024
YLC’s Top 50 Swedish Pop of 2021
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YLC’s Top 50 Swedish Pop of 2021

YLC's Top 50 Swedish Pop 2021

Even though the year’s musical experiences have still been hampered by the pandemic, we have actually managed to enjoy some live music during the summer and the autumn, and it’s been such an emotional high! The artists have however spent more of their time on creating and releasing some amazing new music.

So we of course had to put together our favorite Swedish Pop of 2021 in one playlist. There’s been so much great music it was really extremely hard to limit us to just 50 amazing tunes on this playlist to sum up the year though. But here are some genuine pop gems that we have had blasting in our headphones during the year. Have a listen for yourself and let us know what you think!

As you may very well know, a lot of the very best pop music in the world comes out of Sweden, so we have been spoiled for choice here. But we did make choosing this TOP 50 just a little bit easier by limiting ourselves to just one song per artist. We do love POP in it’s purest form, but you will notice we also like it when it’s spiced up with a bit of soul and R’n’B, and we might sometimes slow things down a little bit in between all those up-tempo bops.

The list is topped by one of our biggest favorites Tove Styrke who put out a couple of pop gems with amazing videos in 2021. Dotter dominated our playlists as well and Agnes put out more of her amazing disco sounds. Alba August made a very strong impression on us both with her music and her acting this year. You will also find the likes of Janice, Winona Oak, Maia Wright and Mabel on the list. Not to forget Miriam Bryant and Miss Li who both released wonderful albums AND stood for some of the best live concerts of the year!

Turn up that volume and blast these fine pop tunes from our TOP 50 now!

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