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YLC Gigs: January
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YLC Gigs: January

If music is your thing the first month of the new year is packed with surprises right from the get-go, with both emerging acts and renowned international bands filling the calendar. 

Kraftwerk @ Pukkelpop 2009 - by  Kristof Acke
Kraftwerk @ Pukkelpop 2009 – by Kristof Acke

January Highlight: KRAFTWERK

21/22/23 January @ Cirkus

A unique occasion to see the pioneering German electro-pop band live. Kraftwerk will perform four 3d-shows over three days, where you will be immersed in a deep flux of electronic minimal music.
Kraftwerk’s musical journey began forty years ago, with their strictly-electronic sound being an inspiration for generations of musicians and a strong influencer on musical genres.  Emerging from the electronic German scene of the late ’60s, their distinctive sound takes inspiration from the world they live in, and their minimal aesthetic recalls the Europe of the post-war era, celebrating technology and innovation.
In conjunction with the concerts Moderna Museet will hold an exhibition, Dancemachines – From Léger to Kraftwerk, in which will be exhibited Kraftwerk’s 3 -D video installation “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8“.
For more information and tickets:

Kratfwerk live @ Cirkus

From Léger to Kraftwerk @ Moderna Museet

Friday, 3 January

Honey Milk @ Dabaser Medis – Free entry before 9pm, after kr.120 – The Swedish rock band will present their latest full length album, released in November 2013.

Julia Vero + Anaye + MISSA @ Debaser StrandFree entry before 9pm, after 9 pm – kr.120. An all-women night at Debaser Strand with Stockholm-based duo Anaye, who will share the stage with Julia Vero and Missa.

Saturday, 4 January

Azure Blue + Iberia @ Debaser Strand Free entry before 9pm, after kr.120 – Solo project by

Tobias Isaksson, previously involved with the folk pop project Laurel Music and Irene.  The night will be opened by Iberia’s dreamy electro pop.

The Unkool Hillbillies @ Stampen Free entry –  Get ready to dance with the rockabilly band from Uppsala.

Tuesday, 7 January

Lars Ekman Quintet @ Glenn Millers Cafe – Free entry.

Wednesday, 8 January 

Ásgeir @ Lilla Baren – Free entry – Electronic indie folk from Iceland. Singer/songwriter Ásgeir will perform in this small but very unique venue in the heart of Östermalm.

Ditt Inre @ Lilla Hotel Baren – Free entry – Electro pop duo from Stockholm. The night is organised by Fritz’s Corner.

Thurday, 9 January

RaajMahal @ Lilla Hotel Baren Experimental electronic band. The night is organized by Bored to Death.

Friday, 10 January

De Utbytbara @ KGB – kr. 40 – Swedish alternative country band.

Saturday, 11 January 

Kite + Supra @ Debaser Medis Free entry before 9pm, after kr.120 – New project by Christian Berg (Strip Music) and Nicklas Stenemo (The Mo och Melody Club), Kite is considered one of the best Swedish electronic act. The concert will be open by Supra (for more info click here).

Sunday, 12 January

Fire Orchestra @ Fasching – from  kr. 80 to kr. 190 – An incredible concert by a unique ensemble of 28 musicians – they stretch their musical reach into several genres, from jazz, rock, soul to contemporary classical music. Recommended.

Emil and The Ecstatics Akkurat – Free entry – Soul ‘n blues concert with a top act.

Wednesday, 15 January

Håkan Broström, Ludvig Berghe, Kristian Lind, Henrik Ousbäck @ Glenn Miller Cafe – Free entry – Jazz night.

Thursday, 16 January 

Le Chat Mort @ Strand/Bar Brooklyn Free entry- Release party for the Swedish country act’s second full-length effort.

Friday, 17 January

Caotico +  FLLR @ Debaser Medis (Stora Scenen) Free entry before 9pm, after 9pm kr.120 – A night organized by indie label Nomethod, featuring live music from Swedish bands Caotico and FLLR (First Love Last Rites).

Frida Andersson @ Debaser Medis (Ballroom -3rd Floor) Free entry – Release party for the new album from Swedish singer/songwriter Frida Andersson.

Saturday, 18 January

Kylesa + Sierra + Jagged Vision @ Debaser Strand Free entry before 9pm, after 9pm kr.120 – A full power night at Debaser, with metal/sludge bands Kylesa (USA), Sierra (Canada) and  Jagged Vision (Norway).

Side Effects + Locals @ Debaser Medis Free entry before 9pm, after 9pm kr.120 – Debaser go totally Swedish with indie pop-rock bands Side Effects and Locals.

Sunday, 19 January

Lanterns on the Lake @ Debaser Strand kr.120 – The critically acclaimed Lanterns on the Lake are a unique band able to merge all-in-one dreamy post rock melodies with pop folk hues. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, 22 January

Alice Boman @ Lilla Hotell Baren – Free entry – A dreamy and ethereal sound from Swedish singer/songwriter Alice Boman. Join her at Lilla Hotell Baren for an intimate live show.

Poliça @ Debaser Strand – Tickets kr. 140 – A music collective that began as a collaboration between producer Ryan Olson (Gayings) and vocalist Channy Leaneagh. The sound is a fusion of smooth electronic shadings, reminiscent of Lambs and the trip hop wave of the mid 90s, with R&B and synthpop atmospheres. The result is a unique experimental outcome characterised by vocal effects and distorted melodies.

Xenia Kriisin @ Debaser Medis Tickets kr.145 – Gothenburg-based singer&songwriter, Kriisin is one of Sweden’s most critically acclaimed emerging artists. Her debut album, Hymn, was released in September 2013.

Coultrain @ Fasching – Tickets from kr. 100. – An eclectic artist and musician who extends his creativity in several directions, from jazz to ambient soul to R&B.

Friday, 24 January

Neils Children + Katacomb @ Debaser Strand Free entry before 9pm, after 9pm kr.120 – After a hiatus from the stage, Britian’s Niels Children come back performing their latest album, Dimly Lit. The night will be open by Gothenburg-based indie band Katacomb.

PH3 @ Fasching – Tickets kr 195 – Two of Sweden’s most renowned rappers, PH3 are considered pioneers of the Scandinavian hip hop scene.

Saturday, 25 January

Kvelertak @ Debaser Medis – kr. 250 – Eclectic Norwegian metal band, characterised by mashing black metal with punk rock sounds. Surprisingly enjoyable.

Wednesday, 29 January

Son Lux @ Debaser Strand – kr. 100 – Polyinstrumentist and multi-faceted musician and artist, Son Lux composes beautiful and complex tunes that are loaded with dramatic atmospheres and ethereal electronic sounds. Recommended.

Thursday, 30 January

Alcest + Hexvessel @ Debaser Medis – kr. 150 – Acclaimed French metal band that has basked in superlative reviews from the critics. The evening will be opened by Finland’s  Hexvessel.

Zhenya Strigalev’ Smiling Organizm @ Fasching – Tickets from kr. 100 to kr. 220 – A unique occasion to see this top jazz musician performing music  composed by Zhenya Stringalev.

Friday, 31 January

Elliphant @ Debaser Strand – Free entry before 9pm, after 9pm kr.120 – Swedish artist Ellinor Olovsdotter, aka Elliphant, creates a distinct personal sound that moves from dubstep to dance beats. If you are a dance-floor lover don’t miss Elliphant at Debaser!

The Virgins +Saigon @ Debaser Medis SOLD OUT – New York based band, The Virgins  mix indie rock with a sound reminiscent of the new wave of the late 70s. Hopefully you’ve been quick enough to get a ticket in time! The night will be open by New York-based Saigon.

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