21 May 2024
Spoiler alert: Stockholm Jazz Festival is coming!
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Spoiler alert: Stockholm Jazz Festival is coming!

Every year, October brings several autumn essentials: overpriced pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween baking, new knitted collections and Stockholm Jazz Festival. While missing some of those could be good for your wallet, the latter one is not to be skipped but invested in! At the end of the day, who needs therapy when there is jazz?

This year, Stockholm Jazz Festival welcomes established and young musicians to over 60 venues around the city. The most renowned stages speak for themselves: the famous Fasching, the monumental Konserthuset, the charming Glenn Miller, the contemporary Kulturhuset and many others have gathered an impressive range of variety for everyone’s taste. You can browse the extensive program here and gift yourself a ticket to the immersive musical experiences.

Whether you are hiding from the rain on a weekday or searching for a lively plan for a Saturday night, the perfect atmosphere for the evening is guaranteed. Look out for the standing places if you feel like dancing along and don’t miss the coquette bar venues to unwind. The tickets tend to sell out quickly and some of the biggest names get sold out in a matter of days. On average, the festival gets the attention of around 25,000 visitors so don’t hesitate!

Make sure to make space in your calendar for a night or two between 13-23 October and dive into the music genre full of surprises and improvisation. Even though jazz might not be very familiar to you, it is definitely worth giving a try at one of the most reputable events. If you are lucky, you might encounter some new or unplayed songs being revealed for the very first time.

Jazz is often presented as a hobby of intellectuals or people with good music taste, but it is less trivial than that. If I had to describe jazz in one word, I would say it is honest. There is hardly an opportunity to hide the lack of skill or inspiration throughout the concert. Instead, by witnessing the alluring play, you might see the most straightforward reflection of your thoughts through music. If you are curious about the unknown and would like to get to know yourself better, the Stockholm Jazz Festival is here for you Just In Time, as the iconic Nina Simone would say. 

The photo is courtesy of Stockholm Jazz Festival.

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