15 Jul 2024
Pop Stars of the Future on Stage
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Pop Stars of the Future on Stage

UNITED STAGE has put together a mini-festival in mid-August, bringing out some of the most interesting rising stars on the Swedish pop sky right now.

If you would ask us at Your Living City to put together a wishlist of fresh new Swedish artists we would really like to see (and haven’t been able to see yet because of Covid), the Top 2 on our list would definitely be Alba August and Maia Wright / Junie. So big props to United Stage for putting those very names on the artist roster of the United mini-festival they are arranging at Fåfängan on 17th to 19th August. And to have them joined by the likes of Clara Mae and Felicia Takman, you are in for a treat!

As you may know, Fåfängan is up on that hill overlooking the Viking Line terminal, so nice views of the city are a bonus for the music fans attending. The outdoor location is ideal for this summer, when there are still restrictions to be followed and distances to be kept.

The doors open at 5pm and the music will start at 7pm each evening. There are two artists picked for each evening, and they are as follows.

17th August
Alba August and Clara Mae

18th August
Nils-Pontus and Felicia Takman

19th August
Junie and Alex Järvi

More information and tickets: United Stage


And if you don’t just want to take our word for how cool Alba August really is, check out this amazing music video from her (you may also recognize her from her acting work).

We actually like Maia Wright‘s English songs better, those are the ones she’s releasing under her own name. But her Swedish-language songs have been put out under her other artist name Junie, and they really are great as well. Here’s a taster:







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