25 Jul 2024
Pop Girl Summer at Lollapalooza
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Pop Girl Summer at Lollapalooza

Tove Lo at Lollapalooza Stockholm

For a pop nerd such as myself, the Lollapalooza Stockholm 2022 lineup included an impressive number of very cool pop girls who have been gracing my playlists, some for a while and some more recently.

There were of course the huge international stars Lorde and Haim, about whom you can read more in our other coverage. There was also some overlapping in the schedule, so that photographing some of the pop girls like Veronica Maggio, Little Jinder, Ellen Krauss, Lova and Zoe Wees had to be skipped.

In the featured photo above you can see one of Sweden’s internationally most acclaimed pop girls, Tove Lo. She was serving hit after hit and got the audience going crazy and partying in broad daylight.

In any case here are some more photos of all the amazing pop girls of summer that Lollapalooza brought out on its festival stages for all of us pop music fans to enjoy.

Norway’s own Anna of the North opened the whole festival at the Park Stage on Friday.
Swedish-American pop wonder Rhys opened the festival’s largest Tower Stage, and seemed to feel the stage was just a tad bigger than what she’s accustomed to. But she made a few forays to the catwalk as well and got the early bird audience singing along.
The very colorful and exciting California pop phenomenon Remi Wolf also played Lolla on Friday. She brought lots of crazy fun energy on stage along with her catchy pop tunes and cool videos. And big plus points for bringing Sophie Potrykus on the bass (those who know, know).
British breakout pop star and TikTok sensation Mimi Webb graced the Park Stage on Saturday, especially to the joy of the younger fans .
Sweden’s own Molly Hammar showed off her impressive set of pipes and got the audience singing along to Känn en doft av kärleken, her Lion King feature as the voice of Nala.
As genius songwriter NEA had her breakthrough as solo artist in the middle of the pandemic, her gig on Lollapalooza’s Circus Stage was her first ever official concert in Stockholm. Way past overdue, so we were very happy to see her live.
The amazing GRANT really looked like she belongs on that big stage during her theatrical performance with grand gestures, but looked slightly lost in between songs. Quite a crowd had turned up early on the Sunday afternoon to see her.
Norway’s huge pop export Sigrid charmed everybody with her girl-next-door/superstar persona and that great catalogue of perfect pop tunes.
One of Sweden’s biggest pop stars Miriam Bryant looked like she owned that big stage with her confidence and poise. The audience joined in on several songs, especially when Victor Leksell came out for their hit duet Det tystnar i luren.

All photos © Nina Uddin

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