24 Apr 2024
New Music Friday: Rein and all the other cool Grrls
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New Music Friday: Rein and all the other cool Grrls

I keep telling you in these Friday round-ups how any music fan’s luxury problem nowadays is all the frickin’ amazing music coming out every week. This Friday is however even more overwhelming than usual in the sheer amount of great music being released. That’s why you are getting a whole playlist of our picks of the bunch from today’s Swedish releases – and we are concentrating on all the cool Grrls, because quite frankly, they are behind the best music coming out right now.

From the playlist you can find today’s new releases from established artists like Miss Li and Miriam Bryant, but also amazing up’n’comers like Nadja Evelina and LNKAY. Not to forget personal favorites like the lovely Josefine Myrberg. We can’t get enough of all these amazing tunes, so you should also check out the playlist below.

But in today’s pile of releases there is one artist that really deserves a bit of extra attention, and that is REIN. She is a breath of fresh air on the Swedish music scene with her raw and unbridalled energy and eletronic body beats. Her debut EP Freedoom serves one gem after another, with the lyrics as hard-hitting as the beats, and the vocals as raw as in any punk rock anthem.

Rein, ie. Joanna Reinikainen is obviously also on my playlist with the coolest Sweden-Finnish artists, which you can find here.

Have a listen to the whole Freedoom EP here:


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