22 May 2024
YLC’s Best of Swedish Pop 2022 – The Playlist
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YLC’s Best of Swedish Pop 2022 – The Playlist

As 2022 is coming to an end, it is once again time for many year-end lists putting together the best of the best. We have once again put together a playlist of the music that is very dear to our hearts, Swedish POP!

This year has once again brought so much amazing Swedish music our way, so obviously we wanted to share it with you. We set out to put together a Top 50, but it turned out to be so hard to cut the list down to just 50 artists, we decided to give you an extra ten songs and include 60 poptastic Swedish tunes on the playlist.

As you may know, some of the very best pop music comes out of Sweden, so there really was so much to choose from. We did follow one rule to make the choice a bit easier though, limiting ourselves to just one song per artist. You may notice that most of the playlist is made up of rather catchy pop, but you will also find some r’n’b and soul, as well as a few gems with a slower tempo or a darker feel.

The list is topped by one of our biggest favorites Tove Styrke, who put out her amazing album Hard in 2022, and also took it out on the road. We could have picked almost any song to represent the album, but the choice fell on the anthemic Free. Another artist that very much made our year with her many live performances was Cornelia Jakobs, and we’ve included her Eurovision entry Hold Me Closer. Other top favorites include Dotter, Alba August, Janice, Cazzi Opeia and Paula Jivén.

So put your headphones on and crank up the volume to these very finest of Swedish pop tunes!

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