21 May 2024
Tube & Berger at Solidaritet – a clash of music and joy

Tube & Berger at Solidaritet – a clash of music and joy

On Easter Sunday, Tube & Berger, one of the hottest duos in the world of deep house music, landed on Swedish territory to bring their music to Solidaritet. Making this their first appearance behind the decks of a club in Stockholm.

It was past 2am when they made came behind the decks in the club, and the dance floor was just starting to fill up. The German DJ duo Tube & Berger, aka Arndt Roerig and Marko Vidovic came up to the dj booth with such a good vibe. They were all smiles and you could tell they were happy to see so many people gathered to see them play. They were saying hi and making peace signs to the crowd.

Tube + Berger4web

Tube + Berger3web

The duo are also producers of hits like “We’re all stars” and “Imprint Of Pleasure”. The latter tune has been one of the top selling tracks of all time according to Beatport. They brought to Solidaritet a well-packed and not at all shy set, with assorted house, techno and varying other music influences. They kept the club-goers on the dance floor, cheering and dancing all night long. One of the particularities of the music they produce and mix is the presence of vocals, samples and real-life recordings in tracks that feel organic and dynamic with a punch.

The atmosphere that Tube & Berger created on Sunday night/Monday morning with their music and vibe made us all forget about the merciless cold temperatures outside and the temperature rose inside Solidaritet. It suddenly felt like being somewhere more tropical, like being transported to a place where everything is possible and everything is valid.

Tube + Bergerweb

Tube + Berger1web

Towards the end of the night in the early hours of a Monday, we witnessed how both the DJs and the crowd were enjoying themselves and dancing like there was no tomorrow to the juiciest house music our ears could wish for. This really confirmed that Solidaritet never fails to fill the house with people and with high class house music.

If you were there and want to revive that night, or if you miss it and want to know what to expect next time they’re in town, we recommend you to listen to Tube & Berger’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix premiered only a few weeks ago. It has some great tunes, some of them not even released yet. Enjoy!

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  • John 21 Apr 2017

    Forgot to mention the drunk Solidaritet staff getting in the way and playing with the effects on the mixer and probably influencing one of them to hit the cue button! The staff member in charge of lighting was making out with his girlfriend in between Tube & Berger.

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