21 Jun 2024
Smith & Thell kick off their tour at Grönan
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Smith & Thell kick off their tour at Grönan

Smith & Thell

Our long-time favorites Maria Jane Smith and Victor Thell have enjoyed such success in recent years, that they have really earned their spot on that big stage at Gröna Lund. And the crowd could tell they were clearly enjoying these settings. Smith & Thell spun their magic on the light summer evening and made everybody feel so warm inside, the cold wind didn’t bite.

Smith & Thell and the rest of the band looked fabulous in their white dresses and served the audience four new songs beside their most loved older ones. Year of the Young and the smash hit Forgive Me Friend were the ones that got the audience most hyped, singing along to the lyrics and stomping along to the beat.

Here are some of our favorite photos of the evening…

All photos © Nina Uddin

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