29 May 2024
Raye’s love of music shines through in Stockholm
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Raye’s love of music shines through in Stockholm

It has clearly been Raye’s year since she parted ways with her record company who took years not letting her release her debut album. Finally having the chance of being herself musically as an independent artist, she has put out the album she wanted, My 21st Century Blues. And she has gained success, especially with her TikTok viral number one hit Escapism.

Raye is now out on her European tour and when she made a stop in Stockholm, it was so clear she is doing all this for the love of music. One thing that made it more than evident was that she brought along a band of seven musicians with her, including an actual horn section. And heck, she said she would have brought along a gospel choir if she had afforded it. Granted, there might not have been place for them on that stage at Debaser. So instead, she got the whole crowd singing wonderfully as her choir, so it was all good.

Raye came across as very humble and very appreciative of being able to tour the world with her music now. Her undeniable musical talent came through in every song, and her texts rang true and at times very vulnerable.

Here are some of our favorite photos from the show.

All photos © Nina Uddin

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