25 Jun 2024
New Music Friday: YLC’s picks for you
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New Music Friday: YLC’s picks for you

Marlene in bed_by Adrian Wigerdal 450

You do know what Fridays mean? Plenty of new music! We are once again picking the best of this week’s new Swedish releases for you. Be sure to have a listen and add these gems to your playlist!

We’ll start with Marlene (pictured above), who is giving us another fine pop tune in Next To Me. We’ve loved her pop sensibilities ever since her first single release in 2013 and she’s proven her song-writing prowess many times over. Her All I Want was one of our favorite songs of last year!

Next we need to turn your attention to the always amazing Nadia Nair, who has put out a new song on Soundcloud. It Don’t Stick is a pretty amazing little tune where Nadia’s unique voice is framed by a clever guitar riff, a cool beat and some athmospheric synth vibes.

Today’s big debut release is the first single offering from Shirin, who already made an impression on the Swedish crowds with her voice when she sang Frans’s If I Were Sorry at the Melodifestivalen final. Her amazing voice gets described as something between Adele and Amy Winehouse and we’ll have to agree…

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