22 Jun 2024
New Music Friday with Summer Vibes
Music New Music Friday

New Music Friday with Summer Vibes

After last week’s bonanza of a crazy amount of cool new tunes, this morning’s batch of new Swedish releases felt at first a bit underwhelming. But we dug deeper to find the ones that demand your attention. So here are our picks you should check out if you’re out cherry-picking for some cool new tunes that will get you ready for the summer.


Neiked feat. Mimi: Call Me

Neiked are an inspiring collective of creatives who have chosen to put out music on their own terms outside of the big labels. They gained a huge hit with last year’s release Sexual (with almost 200 million Spotify streams) and are now following it up with this gem of a pop tune, which will get you into summer mood. This is definitely the best thing released today and deserves to be a total summer hit.

Hkeem: Fy faen – Jireel & Cherrie remix

The Norwegian youth series SKAM has taken all the Nordic countries by storm and made waves around the world as well. The series has spawned several hit songs and one of them is now getting a great remix treatment by two of the most interesting Swedish hip hop / urban artists, Jireel and Cherrie. Never mind if you don’t understand the Norwegian or even the Swedish, this tune has enough summer vibes for you regardless.

Linnea Olsson: Summer II

Our favorite cello-wielding indie-pop star Linnea Olsson gives us her take on what a summer tune should sound like – with airy vocals, a great bass line and inspiring strings.

JeL: Funk Like We Used To

This duo consisting of an American and a Russian who got together and started making music in Stockholm made a fun impression on us when they did this song at ART:ERY Music’s showcase last week. Another one for your summer playlist.


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