22 May 2024
New Music Friday: Marlene Oak keeps on longing
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New Music Friday: Marlene Oak keeps on longing

Stockholm-based singer-songwriter Marlene Oak has released a new single called Come Home ahead of her upcoming EP.

Growing up just outside Stockholm, Marlene Oak turned to music as her escape. In her teenage years she used to busk in Gamla Stan, and that is actually where she was first discovered by a passer-by. She has gone on to build herself a  following on the pub and festival stages around Sweden.

“‘Come Home’ is about a lifetime of seeking for that one soul that you’ve always been longing for”, Marlene says.

Her soulful vocals really resonate and make you feel that pain of longing. You can hear her influences such as Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone or Jeff Buckley in the way her songs sound timeless and riddled with raw emotion.

“When you love someone that intensely – it can also cause you a lot of damage. Because suddenly, you’ve got a lot to lose and the worst part is to feel unloved and get rejected. But I believe things always end up the way they’re supposed to. Love is patient.”


While you’re at it, here’s a video for another one of Marlene’s emotional recent singles, In the Evening.


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