20 Apr 2024
Maggio x Bryant serve a 3-hour extravaganza in Uppsala
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Maggio x Bryant serve a 3-hour extravaganza in Uppsala

Veronica Maggio and Miriam Bryant in Uppsala at the Botanical Garden

When Veronica Maggio and Miriam Bryant decided to go on tour together, they did not want to do it the regular way. They made it very much a joint effort, putting together both of their bands, taking turns on stage, doing duets and even singing each other’s songs.

Veronica Maggio and Miriam Bryant are, as you may know, among the biggest pop stars in Sweden, and their first collaboration was when writing Miriam’s song Blåmärkshårt (Mi Amor) back in 2019. In February of 2023 they released a duet called Under någon ny, and since doing just a regular music video didn’t sound fun enough, they marked the occasion with a half-an-hour live-sent musical drama, directed by legendary director Jonas Åkerlund.

They obviously enjoyed working together to such an extent, they wanted to do something more and put together a double-billed summer tour. They did not want it to be a regular headliner + opener gig, but rather wanted to mix things up. We went to see the result in Uppsala, Veronica’s home town, and got to witness more than three hours of pure musical entertainment.

One hit song followed another, as Miriam and Veronica sang together and took turns on stage, backed up by a luxuriously large number of musicians comprising of both their regular bands.

There were numerous sing-along moments, when the 10.000+ record-breaking crowd at the Uppsala Botanical Garden joined in for songs like Sergels torg, 17 år and Black Car.

But the crowd went totally crazy when secret guest Håkan Hellström showed up to sing along to both his own Valborg as well as his duet with Maggio, Hela huset.

Jag kommer at the end was also total madness, with the whole crowd jumping up and down while shout-singing. Miriam said it wouldn’t be an easy task to follow that up with the last song of the evening, but Håkan turned up again and the three of them joined the crowd in singing beuatifully together to Ett sista glas. An amazing end to an extraordinary summer evening.

Maggio x Bryant will play the last joined concert of their tour at Gröna Lund on 30th August, so make sure to be there, because you’re in for a real treat!

All photos © Nina Uddin

The Maggio x Bryant tour setlist

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