21 May 2024
Fresh Swedish Sounds – Handpicked for You
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Fresh Swedish Sounds – Handpicked for You

We have once again listened to dozens and dozens of Swedish releases to bring you our picks of songs worth listening to. Take a look and have a listen right here…

Beatrice Jaksch, or just Jaksch by her artist name, is a Stockholm-based independent artist, songwriter and producer, who feels she has now found her sound, consisting of modern melodies, strong emotions and dark synths. Her excellent debut single Never Get Hurt is out now, the first of three singles from her upcoming EP. The uptempo song is about a wounded heart after a hurtful relationship.

Swedish duo Moment have a new fun and catchy release out. Shut Up is an energy-filled pop tune, on which the guys tell all of us to look forward and not dwell in the past – and to be proud of who you are. It’s been over a year since Moment had new music out, and in the meantime they have left a major label and dropped one band member. They have pretty much recreated themselves and are planning a debut EP in May.

Caroline Duke‘s music includes influences from many different styles such as rock, electro and pop, but she likes to describe her sound as baroque pop that concentrates on story-telling. She has now released her debut album Wild at Heart, which is pretty much a concept album on themes of tragic romance. She is recounting in many different ways what a person is willing to do for love. The lead single from the album is the anthemic Be Wild, which is a song about a destructive relationship where the love is so intense they stick together regardless of the pain they are causing each other.

I Am Nova has been around since 2012, but the members Carl-Oscar Korenado and Jonathan Larsson have been apart, since Carl-Oscar has been living in New York and on Iceland, while Jonathan has stayed back in Sweden studying music production. Their shared passion for music led them back to the studio though, where they have spent several months perfecting their sound and writing songs. Gotta Be You is a fun and catchy tune, that makes you move your feet and sing along.

Luani is a Sweden-based (originally from Kosovo) independent singer, songwriter, composer and producer. The artist name means lion in Albanian and the name symbolises strength and power but also love. His music reflects his upbringing in various foster homes and families, as well as more recent experiences. The musical style has influences from pop and r’n’b, but also digital and more experimental sounds. Mirror / Mirror is his first single release. The song is about a girl who was projecting her own weaknesses and challenges on him, instead of looking herself in the mirror.

C. Gold is teaming up with Naah for an electronic pop tune with indie influences called <3 to break. The artists don’t just make beautiful music together, they also live together and have started an independent label together called Be Kind. Expect more music in the coming months.

Hailing from the deep and dark forests of Halmstad, KEV is back with new music, the single All for me and you. The tune is built on sampled birdsong, smooth melodies and a pop-anthemic chorus filled with emotion.

“Even though you love someone that much, you still manage to hurt them. You see your own mistakes in the person you love, like a reflection of yourself.”

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