21 Jun 2024
Denmark’s Lukas Graham takes over Gröna Lund
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Denmark’s Lukas Graham takes over Gröna Lund

Lukas Graham

Denmark’s acclaimed Lukas Graham drew a diverse crowd to Gröna Lund for yet another wonderful concert evening at our favorite amusement park.

If you are not completely sure whether Lukas Graham is the singer or the band, you can’t go wrong as it’s pretty much both. The band has got its name from the frontman Lukas Graham Forchhammer, who brings his Irish roots from his father’s side to the music mix beside pop, soul, funk and hip hop influences. To all that you can add some serious themes in the poignantly sincere lyrics, and of course Lukas’s strikingly emotive voice.

The band showcased their versatility throughout the show, playing both intimate ballads and anthemic crowd-pleasers, everything from chart-topping hits to deep cuts from their four albums.

The biggest crowd favorites Mama Said and 7 Years were naturally saved ‘til the end for a powerful finale. The performance reaffirmed Lukas Graham’s reputation as a compelling live act.

Photographer Jytte Lindberg captured the evening’s highlights in these wonderful pictures we can share with you here.

All photos © Jytte Lindberg

Text: Nina Uddin

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