18 May 2024
Christina Winterfell Makes a Comeback with New Single ‘Life At The Top’
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Christina Winterfell Makes a Comeback with New Single ‘Life At The Top’

Stockholm is abuzz with excitement as one of its own, Christina Winterfell, returns to the music scene with a new single. After taking a few years off, the multi-talented artist and singer has burst back onto the scene with a brand new track, “Life At The Top.” The single, which was released on the 28th of April, has already caught the attention of music lovers worldwide.

“Life At The Top” has a unique sound that captures the energy of rock, pop, and indie music. Christina’s sultry vocals add an emotional dimension to the track, matching the edgy drums and soaring guitar tones. The song is perfect for blasting out of your speakers as loud as possible, and it’s easy to sing along to.

On the day of the single’s release, Christina hosted an exclusive party at Hôtel Reisen, Bar Brahe in Stockholm. The event was a celebration of her comeback, and fans were thrilled to see her perform live once again.

Christina is a woman of many talents, having focused on her professional work as a social educator/behavioral scientist/KBT coach and being a mother to two teenage sons. She has also recorded records with groups and as a solo artist, performed in clubs and events across Sweden and Europe, and written and illustrated children’s books in both Swedish and English. In addition, she has entertained people on the radio for five years as a radio presenter.

Christina’s return to music is a testament to her versatility as an artist. Her abstract art, with a deeper meaning and message, has also gained popularity in recent years. Besides her art exhibitions, she has landed a record deal and recorded a new single, proving that it is never too late to pursue your dreams.

“I am now in a time that is very special,” Christina said of her comeback. “Most of all, I am open to letting things happen. It is important for me to show that it is never too late to do things that make you grow and make you happy. I want to be an example and role model for my sons and people to show that it is never too late, whatever age you are in, where you are in life, where you are coming from, to make dreams happen.”

With her new single, “Life At The Top,” Christina Winterfell has firmly established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Fans and music lovers alike can’t wait to see what she does next.

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  • Per Ottenström 2 May 2023

    Lovely article!

  • Maria 2 May 2023

    Wonderful pictures, while I was there at Hotel Reisen I know that the photographer (Foto-Otten) caught the feeling and atmosphere well. Well written Alex!

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