22 Jun 2024
Melodifestivalen 2020 – Time for the final!
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Melodifestivalen 2020 – Time for the final!

Melodifestivalen 2020 finalists

The six-week Swedish Eurovision qualification is reaching its climax on Saturday night when the 12 finalists go up on stage at Friends Arena in Stockholm. Here are our pictures from the final rehearsals.

This year it’s really been time for the female artists to shine, and we are not just talking about Dotter, who is taking the shining part quite literally. It’s high time Sweden sent a female artist to Eurovision, as it hasn’t happened since 2014 and Sanna Nielsen. But will it be Anna, Hanna or Johanna (Dotter)? Or maybe The Mamas with their contagious joy or even Mariette with her charisma pushing through the screen?

Here are our pictures from Melodifestivalen’s rehearsal day in the running order of the artists…

Victor Crone Melodifestivalen 2020
After a successful turn representing Estonia at Eurovision last year, Victor Crone is back for more in his native country’s selection.


Paul Rey Melodifestivalen 2020
Paul Rey is making his Mello debut with a strong mid-tempo song. Pauli gets bonus points for his Sweden-Finnish background.


The Mamas Melodifestivalen 2020
The Mamas were singing backup for last year’s Swedish Eurovision entry John Lundvik. Now they are back with their strong vocals and pure joy.


Mohombi Melodifestivalen 2020
International star Mohombi had a breakthrough with the home crowd at last year’s Melodifestivalen and is having another go. The number has been through some big changes since the semi-final.


Hanna Ferm Melodifestivalen 2020
Hanna Ferm placed third last year in a duet with Liamoo. This year she is doing it on her own, being very brave, strong and sensual at the same time. She is one of the favorites to win.


Mendez and Alvaro Estrella Melodifestivalen 2020
Mendez and Alvaro Estrella bring the party vibes with their latin rhythms, following up on Mendez’s last year’s finalist entry.


Dotter Melodifestivalen 2020
After the Swedes snubbed her unfairly in 2018, Dotter is back with a new bright and shiny number that has taken her to the top of the odds tables. She would certainly make a worthy representative – and she already has her own hashtag #dotterdam.


Robin Bengtsson
Robin Bengtsson represented Sweden in Eurovision in 2017 and is back on the Mello stage to gain another hit song.


Mariette Melodifestivalen 2020
Mariette is now the only Melodifestivalen artist who has made it four times straight to the final. We are finally getting to see her very much in her own element, armed with her strong stage charisma and a guitar.


Felix Sandman Melodifestivalen 2020
Felix Sandman once again took the route via Andra Chansen and maybe his song has grown on people during this time. In any case, he serves an important message about boys and their emotions, coupled with a trippy light show.


Anna Bergendahl Melodifestivalen 2020
Anna Bergendahl is vying for the chance to redeem herself for burning out in the Eurovision semifinal 10 years ago. She looks to be one of the strongest contenders to win with a catchy tune and her bare-chested kilt-wearing dancers.


Anis Don Demina Melodifestivalen 2020
The biggest party number is saved for the last as per usual. Anis Don Demina‘s song is also the biggest streaming hit of the year and his show has extra everything. Make sure to cover your ears at the end!


All photos © Nina Uddin


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