25 Jul 2024
Jasmine Kara on getting things done and staying positive
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Jasmine Kara on getting things done and staying positive

One of our favorite people all categories, Jasmine Kara was in town so we met up at the Culture House for a little chat.

Jasmine Kara finally has some new music out, so we obviously wanted to hear what her single Smile is all about. Jasmine explains it is basically how she sees everyday life. When bad things happen, you can either get depressed and just think about how bad things are. Or then you can basically laugh at it and move on. So the song’s advice is to “smile through the bullshit”

The sound is a mix of my first and second record. It has some rawness to it, with some pop and soul mixed.

The song will be released in three different languages. Beside the English version that is already out, you can look forward to a Spanish and a Farsi version. Part of the reason she wanted to do this was because it took such a long time to get the song released due to contract-technical issues. She has learned some Spanish while living in the US, and Farsi comes from her father’s side.

Jasmine actually sang in Farsi in Stockholm earlier this year at the Eldfesten in Kungsträdgården, celebrating the Persian New Year Nowruz.

It was quite a dream for me to do, because my dad is Persian and we have celebrated Nowruz since I was a kid. Actually I contacted them and asked if I could sing there. This really happens a lot, since I can’t really sit around and wait for people to do things for me. Then it’s never gonna happen!

Jasmine also got to sing together with Bijan Mortazavi, whom she has always looked up to. Getting to perform one of his songs together with him was a great honor for her.

Since we last spoke to Jasmine, she has relocated from Los Angeles to New York and feels much more at home there. She thinks LA meant much more waiting for things to happen and people not showing up, a lot of talk and not as much action.

Jasmine also thinks it’s really a luxury to work with Swedish people.

I think the Swedish music industry is probably the best in the world right now. Swedes are known to deliver quick and on time. And things are always very easy.

During her stay in Sweden Jasmine has performed at Pride in Stockholm and Gothenburg, at Way Out West as well as the TV show Lotta på Liseberg. Then the plan is to get back to New York and release the Spanish version of Smile.


Watch the full interview above to hear even more of what Jasmine had to say.

And have a listen to the single right here.

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