25 Jul 2024
In Pictures: Norwegian Pop Sensation Dagny at Cirkus
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In Pictures: Norwegian Pop Sensation Dagny at Cirkus

It was a very pleasant surprise, when it was announced (the day of the show) that Norway’s pop phenomenon Dagny would be opening for Miriam Bryant at her Stockholm show (as well as several other dates of the tour). Miriam had opened for Dagny at a couple of her headlining Norwegian dates, and now the roles were reversed.

Dagny of course had her breakthrough with Backbeat back in 2016, and has been churning out plenty of excellent pop tunes since then. Her most recent hit Pretty is a duet with fellow Norwegian popstar Astrid S, featured on The Hating Game movie soundtrack.

On stage at Cirkus, Dagny brought impeccable black-and-white style, an effortless positive energy, and charming banter in Norwegian. She did a great job warming the audience up for Miriam, and got the audience singing along to I Love You Like That (which she joked holds the record for number of times ‘I Love You’ is repeated in a song…)

Here are our pictures of the amazing Dagny!

All photos © Nina Uddin

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