12 Jul 2024
In Pictures: Charli XCX in Stockholm
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In Pictures: Charli XCX in Stockholm

Charli XCX brought the party to Berns in Stockholm as she made the Stockholm stop on her tour.

Even though she was alone on stage, Charli’s explosive energy got the crowd going from the very beginning to the end of the show. She was constantly moving and still showing that punk rock energy we have witnessed when we have seen her live before.

Charli certainly sounds like the future of pop music on her latest offerings, as her music has progressed through her extensive collaborations with many other pop stars from around the world. Charli deserves so much respect for the way she is creating connections in the industry, especially among female pop artists… And not just for her own musical development, but also for getting all of these people working together in so many different constellations.

Here are some of our favorite photos from Charli’s show at Berns.


Photos © Nina Uddin


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