18 Jul 2024
In Pictures: Cazzi Opeia live at Radio House
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In Pictures: Cazzi Opeia live at Radio House

Cazzi Opeia had her big breakthrough for the Swedish audience at Melodifestivalen this year, in which she made her way very deservedly to the final and dazzled with her pastel colors, rainbows and clouds – and of course with that perfectly crafted pop tune.

Cazzi Opeia, or Moa Carlebecker, has of course gained plenty of recognition for her songwriting skills, which she is putting to use especially in K-pop circles. She has numerous Billboard number ones with the K-pop stars and has also been given the Swedish music publishers’ prize for International Success of the Year in 2021.

We were very happy to get the chance to see her play live at the Radio House for Musikplats Stockholm. Here are our pictures!

All photos © Nina Uddin

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