25 Jul 2024
YLC Review: Necromonkey
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YLC Review: Necromonkey

Progressive is a concept hard to define because it has been attached by numerous influences. Fans of each period are divided in the consideration of this musical genre. But Prog Rock (as called by those who are involved) is a sort of attitude towards experimentation.

Necromonkey, for instance, is not only a band but also a project in the real sense of “experimentation” and, above all, revaluation. The idea was born thanks to the collaboration between Mattias Olsson, founder and ex-member of the very well-known progressive rock band Änglagård and Davin Lundberg, keyboard player of the band Gösta Berlings Saga. Both David and Mattias are not limited to their own role of keyboarder and drummer but, especially when observed in a live performance, you can notice their ability of playing different roles/instruments during a song. In (A) Glimpse (of possible endings), for instance, Mattias plays drums (electric and acoustic), xylophone, Mellotron and Synthesizer; David plays Moog, Mellotron, Taurus and, above all, Fender Rhodes, his most used instrument (listen to Detta Har Hant by GBS).

What is the result of those sounds? The first album just released has a really psychedelic atmosphere emphasized by the presence of two special guests: Einar Baldursson (musical companion of David in Gösta Berlings Saga) at guitars and Elias Modig at bass (and synthesizer).

The performance of 24th October took place at Club Undergången, near Östermalmstorg, and included five songs of very long length for more than one hour of music. For the most interested in Progressive Rock, influence of King Crimson and Pink Floyd (just to mention two legendary bands) are present in Necromonkey’s tracks such as Glimpse.

The development of Necromonkey’s songs is rather complex both for the quantity of sounds and composition but, once you are in, you are positively hallucinated by the extraordinary power of each member. Fortunately, even though the band played on a very small stage, the audience paid them attention and there was only silence in the air.

Thanks to these qualities Necromonkey were invited to play at the prestigious NearFest 2014 in USA.

Although the first studio work is a really interesting album, Necromonkey acquire their definite dimension in live performances and, if you are simply a fan of music, you can’t miss the experience.

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Article by Alessandro Leone

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