21 May 2024
What to see in English at Stockholm Fringe 2018
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What to see in English at Stockholm Fringe 2018

Stockholm Fringe Festival (also known as STOFF) is taking place again on the 11th to 15th September and they are bringing loads of amazing local and international acts  who offer dance, film, immersive experiences, music, performance, stand-up, spoken word, theatre, virtual reality, visual art, workshops, debates and talks.

They promise to offer brutally entertaining and honest emerging artists, who say it like it is and come from various backgrounds. “You get from highbrow to lowbrow in 1 second! The often raw nature of the talent showcased taps into undiluted and non-commercialised artistic experiences that transport you to different places”, says Adam J. K. Potrykus, co-founder of STOFF.

We open up Stockholms stages to talent that most of the times would not be able to afford to hire the venues OR don’t fit into the prefabricated moulds, he continues.

We want people to see STOFF and its artists as a chance to explore and experience, feel like a tourist in uncharted territory! Aside from live performances we also have Fringe cinema at ZITA and Virtual Reality Theatre from Iceland! You can also get some Fringe INK ath the pop-up tattoo studio at Slaktkyrkan!

This year’s biggest headliners are international icons Christeene and Peaches, who are great bookings for Stockholm Fringe. But there’s plenty more to see and experience around town. Check out the full programme here for more details on the more than 70 acts from 23 countries that are taking over the town. But we are also bringing you some highlights of programme points that are performed in English!

TOP STOFF PICKS – What to see in English


Peaches Does Herself (Film screening & Q&A) + Christeene (live)

Genre: Music / Visual Art / Live Q&A
From: Peaches: Canada  / Christeene: United States
Stage: Slaktkyrkan, Styckmästargatan 10
Time: 14th September  – Peaches at 18:00, Christeene at 22:00

What inspires an artist that is an inspirational source for a whole generation of talent like Lady Gaga and Miley Cirus? Meet one of Sweden’s leading culture journalists in a conversation with performance artist Peaches about her artistic journey, the art of being an being an independent artist/producer and her feminist role models!


When trash icon Christeene is embarking on a world tour with her latest album Basura (That’s Spanish for trash) Stockholm, Fringe Festival (STOFF 2018) is an obvious pit stop after the premiere at Amsterdam’s Milkshake Festival!

Since her 2011 debut, Christeene has gathered global acclaim with her radical and high octane performances that rip apart normality like there is no tomorrow. Spin Magazine called her a manic mix of Alice Cooper and Hedwig (of the Angry Inch). NOW magazine labeled her “Beyonce on bath salts”. According to The New Yorker Christeen is crossbreeding hip-hop and queer culture with a much-needed dose of punk-rock humor with attitude!


Peaches Christ Superstar

Genre: Theatre / Music / Performance / Musical
From: Canada
Stage: Södra Teatern, Mosebacke Torg 1-3
Time: 19:30 on 15th September

An unlikely scenario: the whole of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar performed by one woman accompanied by a single piano. Even more unlikely when that woman is Peaches, the electro-rock provocateuse who has made sexual frankness her calling card.

With extraordinary emotional and dramatic power, Peaches sings each of the nine principal roles. Building on the work’s own brand of subtle subversiveness, Peaches’ tribute to a score she has loved since she was a teenager is a chance to see the star and the musical in an entirely new light.

Dan Ireland-Reeves

Bleach – Dan Ireland-Reeves

Genre: Theatre
From: United Kingdom
Stage: Ö2, Östgötagatan 2
Time: 17:45 on 12th September, 19:00 on 14th September

Tyler sells his body each night, enjoying a life of men, sex and money. But when things go wrong, he’ll discover the real cost of living in the world’s most exciting city. Bleach is a soul-jolting show about sex, violence and city living.

Real Housewives of Neukölln

Darkroom Antics – The Real Housewives Of Neukölln

Genre: Performance
From: Germany
Stage: Ö2, Östgötagatan 2
Time: 21:00 on 13th September, 21:00 on 14th September

Delve into the darkness of Berlin’s most infamous and underground queer spaces. Outrageously deviant and absurdly ludicrous, the Housewives serve up an outlandish post drag experience not to be missed…oh, and there are songs.


Isadora Vibes

Soak – Isadora Vibes

Genre: Performance
From: United Kingdom
Stage: Ö2, Östgötagatan 2
Time: 17:00 on 14th September, 17:00 on 15th September

Soak is a surreal performance poetry experience, capturing the darkness and light of human experience. Immersive, intimate, intriguing – soak reveals the stories and secrets one woman carries inside her skin. Please enter – the door is open.

The Movement Collective

Sharktank – The Movement Collective

Genre: Performance
From: Ireland
Stage: Ö2, Östgötagatan 2
Time: 21:00 on 12th September, 19:00 on 13th September

“BEEN IN ANYTHING LATELY???” SharkTank, a satirical stab at the pressure cooker of life in the Arts and the fight to survive.

Miranda Prag

This Is Just Who I Am – Miranda Prag

Genre: Theatre
From: United Kingdom
Stage: Ö2, Östgötagatan 2
Time: 17:00 on 13th September, 14:00 on 15th September

This is a show about identity, authenticity and the murky area between the two. An unashamedly nonsensical, excruciatingly honest and hilariously satirical portrait of the people we try to be when we don’t feel like ourselves.

Gracefool Collective

This really is too much – Gracefool Collective

Genre: Theatre / Dance
From: United Kingdom
Stage: Teater 3, Rosenlundsgatan 12
Time: 17:00 on 13th September, 14:00 on 15th September

Raucous, provocative and laugh-out-loud funny, this genre-busting performance reveals the downright absurd realities of life as a 3-dimensional, high definition, water-drinking, salad-eating, WO-man in modern society.



For more details and ticket info, go to www.stockholmfringe.com


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