18 Jul 2024
Man Skirt Metro Ride: IN Stockholm
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Man Skirt Metro Ride: IN Stockholm

The 31st of May is the day when men in multiple cities across the globe will unite by riding public transport and showing off their gams – it’s the Man Skirt Metro Ride and it is happening in Stockholm. We met up with Swedish organizer, Jesper Isaksson.

“I think this is important from many perspectives. One is that it’s fun. And I want to make the skirt less dramatic. It’s just a piece of clothing, nothing else. So I want to make it unisex. It shouldn’t be weird to wear a skirt whether you’re a man or a woman.” Isaksson told YLC.

The initiative originally started in Los Angeles and is led by Joshua Castro, creator of the “Let Men Wear Skirts!” Facebook page, which wants to de-stigmatize the idea of males in skirts. The movement aims to gather like-minded all over the world on the 31st of May and demonstrate that clothes do not make the man, woman – or human.

For Isaksson it all started with a fascination with Scotland and its history. He bought his first kilt three years ago and has been wearing them ever since.

“I dreamed about wearing a kilt ever since I first saw Braveheart, really. There is something exotic about them, isn’t there? And running around the highlands yelling freedom,” he told YLC.

The Swedish event, Män i Kjol i Kollektivtrafiken, will start at 1pm on May 31st on the red, blue, green and yellow metro lines, from end station to end station. This will be followed by “bro hugs” at Sergels Torg and maybe even drinks and a bite to eat.

To take part in the event, all you have to do is dress in something you usually wouldn’t wear  – be it a skirt, a dress, a kaftan or – a kilt.  Woman and want to support the cause? Well, it’s easy – just  REFRAIN from wearing a skirt on the day. Stick to trousers or if the weather is warm, shorts (chance would be a fine thing in Stockholm).

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  • J. Castro 13 May 2014

    Great article, Jesper. Congrats!

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