18 Jul 2024
Cream Island Music Festival: Ticket Giveaway!
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Cream Island Music Festival: Ticket Giveaway!

Want to attend the hottest, most intimate music festival of the year? YLC has teamed up with the Applegren siblings to give a lucky reader and their plus-one an unforgettable experience at the Cream Island Festival on the 24th August!

Cream Island Festival

“I’ve always loved music and organizing events, so I thought to myself; why not just arrange a festival?”

Tall order or wild dream? Not for Love Applegren. Two years ago he started musing with his sister, Linnéa, and friend, Henrik Ljungkvist, about starting a music festival. And within a couple of months, the Cream Island Festival was born.

Located about 100 kilometers north of Stockholm is a small village called Gräddö (Cream Island). Although it sounds like something out of a dreamland made up of strawberry fields and marshmallow skies, Cream Island is a very real place where you can go to for a one-of-a-kind experience on 24 August, 2013.

The Applegren siblings aimed to create a festival where the music is truly the focus, something they feel other festivals sometimes lose sight of. All of the proceeds go towards making the festival as enjoyable an experience as possible.

And an enjoyable experience it seems it shall be; the line-up features a dozen or so artists and bands, including indie, rock, instrumental, and a DJ. Several artists recently played at cult festivals such as Hultsfred and some are returning from international tours. However, the Cream Festival’s spotlight falls more on intimacy and not on the big names.

But there are almost innummerable music festivals in Sweden, you may say, why do we need another one? Applegren’s response is that, while they are expecting around 300 audience members this year, the Cream Island Festival isn’t trying to compete for visitors.

“Sometimes you get the feeling that a lot of the festivals that have grown huge and fast forget why they started out in the first place. Nowadays there is so much focus on number of spectators and getting the ‘big’ acts.

“Our goal has never been to become big, but rather to become rare.”

Those who have arranged the festival have a special bond with all of the artists and look forward to creating something where the spectators feel special” says Applegren. Intimacy and quality are clearly at the top of his priority list.  “We haven’t really set a five-year plan. We want to grow organically; not get too big too quickly. Our focus right now is to make this festival the best, and then we’ll start thinking about the future.”


Want to win two tickets to the Cream Island Festival? Write a comment below or on on our Facebook page, containing your name and the name of one of the artists who’ll be performing at the festival. A winner will be drawn at random on Thursday the 8th of August! This competition is now closed.


For more information visit the Cream Island Festival site.


…And here’s a snippet of what you’ll be in for:


  • Valerie McNeill 1 Aug 2013

    Here are three artists!

    Hurricane Love

    Moonlit Sailor

    Martin Grewin (Dj)


  • Faisal 1 Aug 2013

    Hurricane Love

  • Corbin Tognoni 1 Aug 2013

    Moonlit Sailor!

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