14 Jul 2024
Color Me Rad is coming to Stockholm
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Color Me Rad is coming to Stockholm

Thousands of excited runners and about 5,000 pounds of dye-coloured cornstarch – Color Me Rad is coming to Sweden! YLC is going to be there – will you?

Color Me Rad is a five kilometer race kicking off in a cascade of colours, where runners will be pelted with corn-starch colours at regular intervals. After being a massive hit all over the world, the event is coming to Scandinavia. The 5 kilometer run takes place at Solvalla in Stockholm on June 7th.

“Nothing of its kind exists over here. Everything here is about being a fit runner but in this race you don’t have to be one of those to join the event,” Shaena Harrison-Helin, Assistant Event Manager for Stockholm, told YLC.

The concept is inspired by the Indian color festival Holi, where ink of different colours thrown in the air (and on each other) to celebrate spring’s coming.

At the finish line, participants go crazy throwing their own colour bombs in the air and at each other. A colour feast, in other words. And there is no need to fear the colour powder – it  is made from cornstarch and approved to EU standard for food and cosmetics.

Color Me Rad is not a timed race and there are no winners or losers. Instead of a medal, runners get to bring home a colour drenched shirt, lots of colourful photos and memories for life. Participants of all ages are welcome to run or walk around the track. Children under 7 years old take part for free with parent or guardian. No pets, though., they draw the line at pets.

We wondered how they think Swedes (generally perceived as fairly reserved by expats) will react to the general abandon that is Color Me Rad.

“I think everyone needs to throw that idea right out of their brain. Swedes are totally not reserved. Swedes love to have fun,” Harrison-Helin reassured us.

Color me Rad will be arranging 120 five kilometre races across the world in 2014. For more info on the Stockholm AND later Gothenburg event, visit the website or their Facebook page

We have picked our winners! We teamed up with the Color Me Rad gang – to give away two race registrations (worth 330 SEK apiece) for free! All you had to do to win was to tell us in the comments below by Sunday May 11th who you wanted to drench in colour!*
The winners of one free race registration each is Cassandra and Paolo – details will be emailed to you shortly! Congrats!


*Winners will be picked at random by editorial staff on Monday 12th! 

Featured Image: Color Me Rad Toronto 2013


  • Lovisa 8 May 2014

    I would like to throw some color on all people who need some cheering up!

  • kim 10 May 2014

    i would like to throw some color on all the expats living in stockholm to remind them we’re all different and sweden accepts us with open arms either way and, in my opinion so far, they absolutely don’t mind us finding ourselves in there homeland. =)

  • Kim 10 May 2014

    I’d Like to throw some color on all the expats in stockholm to remind them we’re all different but stockholm accepts us anyways with open arms.

  • Sam 11 May 2014

    I would like to drench everybody in colors at ColorMeRad Stockholm! 🙂

  • Cassandra 11 May 2014

    I would want to drench my husband in color, to show him how much fun letting loose can be. He totally falls under the Swede that doesn’t understand this “American fad” category. Because what could be more fun than running a 5k to end up looking like something a unicorn pooped out?

  • Lynn 11 May 2014

    I’d like to color me rad and brighten up all those supporting the true spirit of human diversity with a myriad of color! 🙂

  • Paolo 11 May 2014

    Anyone. We all need color powder made from cornstarch and approved by EU standards in our lives.

  • Hannes 11 May 2014

    My classmember!
    He stopped smoking and I want him to get more active since his condition sucks atm
    this is the ultimate opportunity 😀

  • Nicole 11 May 2014

    I would absolutely love to drench my family in colour…we are all new to Stockholm and I can not think of a better way to enjoy our first summer here 🙂 than to do our first 5k together drenched in colour ….:)..Please pick me!!..

  • Cassandra 12 May 2014

    So excited! Can’t wait to get my email. I can’t believe I won! In celebration of winning I went for a run. I am so thrilled!! Congrats to Paolo, see ya there!

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