25 Jul 2024
Laughing Stock: Stockholm’s New Stand Up in English
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Laughing Stock: Stockholm’s New Stand Up in English

Get ready for a fabulous night out – YLC present the newest (and bestest) comedy in town. Bring your friends (be they expats or Swedes) along to what is guaranteed to be this season’s funniest night out in the city!

Laughing Stock is a new all English Stand Up comedy night at Teater Pero in Stockholm. The acts are established names from the UK and US along with Swedes who regularly perform on the UK circuit. The show will be hosted interrupted and held together by Ben Kersley and James McKie from The Tuesday Chinwag. YLC spoke to Ben about what the show will be like and why EVERYONE should go.

Why is Laughing Stock needed and where did the idea come from?
Laughing Stock is aimed at both Swedes and Expats who may not speak Swedish. There are a few clubs in Stockholm where international acts appear occasionally, but always alongside comedians performing in Swedish. This night will be all in English, reasonably priced and with a great stand up atmosphere.

What’s it like doing comedy in English in Sweden and what kind of sense of humor do Swedes have?
Performing in English is never a problem as Swedes are such blimmin’ show offs they can understand every word most comedians say. It’s almost a challenge to find words or accents that aren’t understood by the average Swede. Thanks to TV and YouTube, Swedes are used to both US and UK styles of comedy. Swedes tend to be quite a sophisticated audience, but they are not afraid of coarser material either. Stand up is still quite a new genre of entertainment in Sweden, and Swedish audiences have grown with stand up’s popularity.

“To sum up Swedish sense of humour in a single image? The Swedish Chef being caught on a fartkamera.”

What can one expect from the show and how were the acts selected?
Laughing Stock will be a mix of international acts, many who have performed all over the world. They are basically people that I think are funny and that I think are different from what is usually on offer in Stockholm. I’m really looking forward to Christian Schulte-Loh who is a hilarious German(!) comedian. He is getting bigger and bigger in the UK and is absolutley brilliant. There’s also Bec Hill, an Australian based in London, who is both charming and very very funny. There will also be a few Swedes who have performed internationally, such as Isak Jansson (Look up his recently released album ‘Live in Island’ on Spotify). Tobias Persson and Henrik Elmer who are regulars in UK clubs such as The Glee, The Stand and The King’s Head.

laughWho should come to the show and why?
Nothing beats live comedy and the show is open to everybody, Swedes, non-Swedes, half-Swedes, Quarter-Swedes, Expats, tourists and locals. All you have to do is bring along your laughter muscles.

The opening night on September 10th will see Yemi Afolabi from New York along with one of Sweden’s funniest comics Tobias Persson, who is fresh from a month long run at the Edinburgh Fringe. You can also see Jimmy Södermark, know from TV6 ‘Radiostyrd’. Tickets cost only 180 SEK and can be bought here.

Featured Image: Bec Hill by Steve Ullathorn


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  • Melina Clark for PHIL KAY 9 Sep 2015

    Hi I handle legendary Scottish Performer and Comedian – Phil Kay..
    He has done 25 Edinburgh Fringes in a row and Loves to do..
    Psychedelic storyTelling…improvised songs and Truly Up To The Minute personal topical Stand-up..

    Please will you consider him to play your Lovely Venue…later 2015/2016
    Ask anyone about him…everyone has a story.

    Ciao and thank you

    “It is clear we are in the hands of a master storyteller..” TheTimes

    “The man remains one of the most consistently brilliant and uncompromising comedians of his and future generations.” The Metro

    “..mesmerising headFuck genius..” Timeout London

  • Frank 4 Jan 2019

    hai there,
    do you guys know of any good places to watch stand up comedy in english here in stockholm sweden?

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