21 Jun 2024
Cornelia Jakobs shines at Gröna Lund
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Cornelia Jakobs shines at Gröna Lund

Cornelia Jakobs at Gröna Lund

Fresh off of her resounding success at the Eurovision Song Contest, where she finished fourth, Cornelia Jakobs is now on a summer tour around Sweden. She made a jubilant stop at Gröna Lund in Stockholm.

Cornelia played the smaller stage at Gröna Lund, as sort of the support act to Tove Styrke, who took the bigger stage on the same evening. But it was pretty evident that Cornelia is rather too big for the small stage already, as the crowd was gathered in great numbers way beyond the confines of the roofed dance pavillion that is the Lilla Scen… regardless of a small drizzle during parts of the show.

Cornelia brought along a cool new circle as her stage prop, which she made good use of during several of the numbers. She and the band were also kitted in cool outfits with metal chains that she and her creative assistant had put together themselves.

The charisma and the live energy that Cornelia possesses were evident from the first notes and she held the crowd wrapped around her finger until the end. The first rows were singing and dancing along to most all of the songs, but the whole crowd obviously joined in for Hold Me Closer.

The atmosphere was electric by the end, and Cornelia ended up doing extra encores – first asking the audience to choose one of two options, but then doing both for good measure. The peppy Swedish pop tune Ta Dig Hit set the party mood and Springsteen‘s Born to Run ended the show in rock’n’roll style.

After the show Cornelia showed up to sign posters and greet the fans, and the line to meet her was very long. She clearly thrives on the contact with the people and they all got their autographs, hugs and kind words.

All photos © Nina Uddin

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