22 Jun 2024
YLC’s Stockholm Christmas Playlist 2018
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YLC’s Stockholm Christmas Playlist 2018

It’s high time to bring out the Christmas tunes, so we give you the latest edition of our ultimate Stockholm Christmas playlist with some pretty excellent Swedish artists who have all put their wonderful voices on some sweet Christmas tunes.

This year’s Christmas playlist has to start off with YLC favorite Janice, who has come out with a soulful and vibey new version of the classic Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

We also have several brand-new original Christmas tunes by Swedish artists, including the likes of Anna Bergendahl, Wiktoria, Lionman and High15. And we have also included last year’s favorites like Mariette‘s Pillow and Cosas Caras by Crying Day Care Choir.

And of course we cannot have a Stockholm Christmas playlist without the wonderful Cookies‘n Beans singing about being stuck in Stockholm over Christmas.

Happy holidays and hope you’ll enjoy our festive favorites on this playlist!


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