25 Jul 2024
The express Stockholm experience
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The express Stockholm experience

Do you want to see the best of Stockholm, but don’t have so many days for the visit? We have put together a list with recommendation of places to see and things to do that are a MUST when visiting the Swedish capital. You can do all these things in one or two days and leave feeling that you have got a grip of the best the city has to offer, with a bit of history, fun, life and flavours of Stockholm.

The Vasa ship at Vasa museum.

Vasa museum located in Galärvarvsvägen 14 on the island of Djurgården. The entrance costs 130kr, which is not super cheap, but you wont regret you visited it. It’s both fun and interesting, you will learn the most amusing story of the sinking on the Vasa war ship. The ship sank only a few minutes after its departure, the ship was later recovered and restored. Inside the museum you will get to see the majestic ship, which is the only almost fully intact preserved 17th century ship in the world. It’s open every day, but check their website for opening hours as the schedule changes seasonally. www.vasamuseet.se

From the Gold Treasure Room at the Swedish History Museum

Only a stone’s throw away from Vasa museum is the famous Swedish History museum, more precisely located in Narvavägen 13-17. Travel across centuries of Swedish cultural and history evolution in just one place. You can see everything from viking exhibits to medieval art and details of the royal lineage. Plus there is a room with one of the largest golden treasures you will ever see. Entrance is completely free, which gives you no excuse to miss it.

Stortorget in Gamla Stan

Visit the heart of Stockholm walking around the streets of the Old Town, or Gamla stan in the local vernacular. Get lost on its medieval streets and be sure to stop by at a coffee shop to treat yourself with refreshments and a snack in the very centre of the Old Town known as Stortorget. Or perhaps you should have a mjöd, which is an alcoholic beverage created by fermenting honey. There are a couple of medieval cellar restaurants where you can find it, for example, at Sjätte Tunnan at Stora Nygatan 41-43, where you can also eat delicious medieval-style food. For more info sjattetunnan.se. Don’t forget to visit the Royal Palace, you don’t necessarily have to enter the castle, but make sure you don’t miss the royal guards ceremony, or changing of the guard at 12:15pm during weekdays and at 1:15pm on Sundays. for more details about the castle, visit The Royal Palace’s website.

City Hall / Stadshuset – Photo by Karen Pérez Guzmán

On the beautiful island of Kungsholmen, on Hantverkargatan 1, you have to visit the City Hall, also known as Stadshuset. Its spire featuring the golden Three Crowns is one of the most famous silhouettes in Stockholm. The great Nobel award ceremony’s dinner is held here. It’s only opened to the public with daily guided tours. Entrance costs between 70-100kr, we strongly recommend you to go in and admire the famous Golden Room, and don’t forget to walk around the gardens and take a photo from the gorgeous lookout points with sights over the lake Mälaren towards the island of Södermalm and Riddarholmen. More info on their website stockholm.se/stadshuset.

Need a souvenir for your loved ones back home? Take a walk on Drottningatan coming from the striking Parliament house, on Riksgatan 1, right on the bridge between Gamla Stan and Vasastan, towards the Central Station, there you will find plenty of shops and good priced souvenir stores.

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