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Free Swedish language classes: part 1 – SFI

By MC Quinn

By MC QuinnSweden has so many fantastic opportunities for foreigners living here. OK, these opportunities might be hard to find, sometimes confusing to access, but at least they are there. One of these great services is free university education for all citizens, permanent residents and most holders of a resident visa. Sweden also offers free of charge Swedish classes. I have heard mixed reviews about these classes – some amazing success stories and some complaints. I can’t tell you if these classes are right for you, but since they are free of charge, why not try them out for yourself and figure out if they fit your needs and teaching style.

To help you through the process, here are some details you might need to know..

SFI Registration Guide For People Living in Stockholm

SFI’s Main Office Details:

Svenskundervisning för Invandrare [SFI] Swedish for immigrants



10.30-14.30 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 10:30 to 14:30

13.00-17.30 Wednesday

Placement Test:
10.30-14.30 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

13.00-17.00 Wednesday

Thursday: Arabic and Somali interpreters drop-in 9:00 to 09:30
Phone: 08-508 25 700

Phone hours: Monday – Thursday 09:00 to 11:00

Fax: 08-508 25 690
Mailing address:

SFI Stockholm

106 64 Stockholm

SFI Eligibility Criteria:

  • 16+ years of age
  • A Swedish Personal number
  • Have either a Swedish Residence Permit, Permanent Residence, or Swedish Citizenship
  • You intent to live in Sweden for one of more years
  • If you plan on signing up for SFI Stockholm, you must live in Stockholm. This does not usually include Nacka, Täby, Solna, Sollentuna, Sundbyberg or Huddinge because they have their own stad. If you live in one of these areas, you must first contact your commune to determine which rules apply to your personal situation.

When you Register for SFI you must bring:

  • Your passport of Swedish ID card
  • Your personal number

Contacting SFI

  • Go to the SFI in person. Address is Hornsgatan 124, third floor, in Stockholm(T-bana Zinkensdamm)
  • If you live outside of Stockholm community – in areas such as Nacka, Täby, Solna, Sollentuna, Sundbyberg or Huddinge – you are eligible to take SFI in Stockholm, but instead must go to your own city’s office
  • Make sure you bring you personal number and another piece of identification, such as your passport or ID card.

Again, registering must be done in person.


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  1. Hi, for those of you who live in Nacka, you will need to register at the following office for the SFI classes with your passport and personal number.

    Sickla Centrum, Marcusplatsen 7, Nacka, 131 34

    Telephone: 0046 (08) 716 76 04

    Office hours: 09.00 – 16.00

  2. hello,

    i want to know, is it true that sfi school helps their students with money who is comes from non european country? some people told me about this and i want to make sure, because i dont work and i have no help, i am so happy to study in sfi finaly but i have not salary to buy ticket to come to school everyday.

  3. Hi .we sattled newly in bromma (near sundbybergs)my doughter is 16 and my son is 19 .we don`t know swedish so we are looking for swedish class and high school and university .I will be thanked if you help me.

  4. In case of Täby SFI office, go up to the Täby Centre (On Monday morning!). Being in this area ask somebody where is the local library of Communa (Bibliotek).

    Being in the library ask any employee for SFI offices and they will explain you how to find them inside the building.

    Nobody else there knows them neither where they are. But, it is how I have found them.

    Good luck!

  5. Please can anyone tell me whether I have to go to Eductus, Marcusplasten 7, Nacka 131 54 as I stay in Skogsvagen, Saltsjo-Boo. It is free of cost learning or i have to pay

    • hi

      i am living in Kista and looking for SFI to get admission,i am looking for the centre in zinkensdam ,do you know the address there

      • Hi Muhammad. The address is under “Contact SFI” in this article.It’s Hornsgatan 124, third floor. Lycka till!

  6. I am a student and just moved to Sollentuna. Does anybody knows if I can sign up for a course if i got TEMPORARY personnumer only? And where I can register my address?

  7. i am a worker and i have temporary personnel number(co-ordination number) can i register and take swedish lessons for free with SFI?

  8. [...] the language in your home country, that’s fantastic. Within Stockholm itself, there are so many free resources; why, the government itself will pay YOU to learn Swedish.  Aside from all the courses available, [...]

  9. [...] understand the announcement on the overhead speakers on the train. The Swedish government provides free Swedish lessons to foreigners. You can find these SFI courses through your municipality’s website. You can also [...]

  10. If I don’t have a Swedish personal number but a valid work permit less than 1 year, is it possible to join the free class?

    If no, can anyone please let me know where can I take free Swedish learning classes?

  11. Hi. I just moved here and live in Stockholm. Can i register with my passport or do i need to wait till I have till my I.D comes out. I have already received my residency permit and personal number. just waiting on the I.D.

  12. I have been 3 times to SFI in sickla and I am on Social in Nacka, They said they would contact me 2 weeks ago, but never did. Im just wondering why. Im already registered and waiting for the introduction course my phone number is 0767065235. Please get back to me so I can start learning the Swedish language. Adam Chmiel

  13. Hi

    M living in tumba. I have temprary persomnummer

    On page but no swedish id. Is anybody tell me from where can i do sfi. Send me adress sfi in tumba and also adress of redcross where i can do language school daily.

    Can i do sfi with temprary persomnummer??

  14. hello um an Egyptian dentist and this is my first week in Stockholm ..my wife is swedish ..this course is enough to speak swedish or do i need more because i wanna go for a license to practice dentistry ..waiting ur reply

  15. I am from georgia.I’d undergone a English or Swedish Courses in Sweden.If you can help me and Whether or not I’ll be able to start learning. What are the steps?

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