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Spring has arrived in Stockholm, which means the city is bustling with life – and events. But no need to feel overwhelmed, YLC narrowed it down to the best of the best…and there are pillows involved. Don’t miss these unique April events!


 Stockholm Photography Week

Stockholm Photography is already in full swing, but runs through April 6th, so don’t miss out! Events are held at Fotografiska, which is worth a few hours of leisure all in its own. But this week there are also workshops, seminars, artist talks, and a PhotoMarket. There’s something for the pro, the dabbler, and the gallery aficionado.

When: Monday, March 31st through Saturday, April 6th
Where: Fotografiska, Stora Tullhuset, Stadsgårdshamnen 22, Stockholm
Damage: Depends on event. See website for more info.


International Pillow Fight Day

Yes, it’s an actual thing. International Pillow Fight Day is April 6th which can only mean one thing: grab your pillow and head downtown! The first puffy pillow blows will be struck at 13:00 on the dot. It’s a flashmob, so just remember not to reveal your pillow until it’s time. (Before that, we’re guessing there will be an awful lot of “pregnant” people at Sergels torg.)

When: Saturday, April 5th, 13:00
ere: Sergels torg, Stockholm
Damage: Free! Just bring a pillow!


The Vintage Fair

This is the annual vintage-lovers’ event, held of course at hip Hornstull on Södermalm. More than 40 shops and vintage sellers from across Sweden will be present, selling clothing, shoes, and accessories from 1920 to 1990. Whether you’re pin-up or boho, girl-glam or grunge, the Vintage Fair promises something unique and fun.

When: Sunday, April 6th, 11:00 – 18:00
ere: Debaser Strand, Hornstulls Strand 4, Stockholm
Damage: 60 SEK Entrance fee


Ammotrack and the Deadly Seams Fashion Show

Whether or not hard rock is your style, this unique event sounds like a blast. Melodifestivalen contender Ammotrack will be on stage along with support band Crunge, but that’s not all. It’s also a fashion show – specifically for “rock clothing”. Take a stroll on Göta Källare’s Black Carpet and show off your head-banging!

When: Wednesday, April 16th, 19:00
ere: Göta Källare, Folkungagatan 45, entrance in the Medborgarplatsen T-bana station
Damage: 100 SEK

Belly dance Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights Gala Show

When was the last time you danced like an Egyptian? Not sure what that even means? End an April day with an Arabian Night right before Easter for a taste of something a little bit different. See dance performances from Egypt, Iran, Turkey and more on a musical journey of 1001 nights!

When: Saturday, April 19th, 19:00 – 21:30
Where: Nalen, Regeringsgatan 74, Stockholm
Damage: 250 SEK, tickets here


Rotary Culture Walk

The Stockholm Rotary Club has organized a weekend walk brimming with art and culture, where the proceeds go to childcare and orphanages in Mali and Burma. Tickets are 109 SEK, and grant you free entrance (for the weekend) to a whole slew of fantastic places including (but not limited to) Liljevalchs Konsthall, Junibacken, the Maritime Museum, and the Museum of Spirits (alcohol, that is). You also get 30% off lunch at Djurgårdsbrons Sjöcafe.

When: Saturday, April 26th and Sunday, April 27th, during museum opening hours. Lecture at Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde at 13:00 and at Liljevalchs Konsthall 15:00. Note that some museums offer free entrance Saturday only. 
 Djurgården, Stockholm. Recommended start at Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde.
109 SEK per person, reserve tickets here.


Images: Shimelle Laine/J Victor/Flickr

Spotify is all grand and mp3s on your iPhone are essential for a morning jog, it’s true. But nothing can beat being there and hearing it all live! And guess what? Stockholm is the place to get your live music fix – completely free of charge.


We’ll start off with the tried-and-true. Any music fan in Stockholm knows Debaser. Both Debaser Medis at Medborgarplatsen and Debaser Strand at Hornstulls Strand offer some of the best and most interesting live acts in town. A large part of their gigs have free entrance if you come early (before 9 or 10 pm). This obviously doesn’t include international acts or the biggest Swedish names, but lots of great artists are on offer every week and you may discover a new gem! Check the latest listings here.

Lilla Hotellbaren – Scandic Malmen

The hotel bar at this Scandic Hotel situated on Medborgarplatsen offers live music, clubs and DJs several days a week, and the entrance is always free. But it’s a hot one, so expect a crowd! More information on what is on and when can be found here.

You may also like to keep an eye on what Scandic Grand Central has to offer, since they also have live music at their Grand Acoustic Bar as well as other clubs and showcases.

Pet Sounds Bar

The Pet Sounds record store on Södermalm’s Skånegatan has a reputation as one of the best record stores in the world, and their bar on the opposite side of the street offers live music, clubs, DJs and Open Mic nights in their murky cellar.

It’s an international hotspot and you’ll hear accents – and music – from across the globe.

The record store itself also sometimes hosts artist showcases, definitely not to be missed. Latest events can be found here.


Akkurat is a bar on Hornsgatan that offers free live music on Sunday evenings. The emphasis is on bands playing rhythm’n’blues, rockabilly, country, and similar genres with loads of raw live energy. Memorable personal highlights in the past have included Jasmine Kara and Cookies’n’Beans. Check out their listings here, or if you like your rock a bit harder and heavier, try Pub Anchor instead.


Obaren is like a secret little backroom of the Sturehof restaurant at Stureplan, with a totally different vibe and audience. This place offers intimate concerts and DJ sets and quite often also records company showcases. Even the likes of Chris Cornell, Juanes and Glasvegas have played on the tiny stage. So keep your eye out on their Facebook page so you don’t miss the next secret show!

Linda Sundblad by Nina Uddin

Linda Sundblad at Obaren.

100 Live

100 Songs is a record company with a fresh approach to music releases: they concentrate on releasing singles from mostly up’n’coming artists in digital format. They started out a year ago with Miriam Bryant, who went on to become one of the brightest breakthrough artists of 2013 in Sweden and is now gaining international fans.

To complement the 100 Songs releases, they also have monthly live artist showcases under the name of 100 Live. These are usually held at Södra Teatern’s Etablissemanget and truly give you the chance to see fresh new talent. Artists seen on stage have included Ace Wilder and Manda, who were both seen Melodifestivalen 2014. Follow 100 Songs on Facebook to get event information about 100 Live.

 WiMP Sessions – Story Hotel

WiMP is a music streaming service much like Spotify. They arrange their own live sessions with fresh new artists at Story Hotel’s bar. These sessions are also recorded and offered on their streaming service. The sessions usually offer one or two artists playing a few songs each. Highlights so far have included Miriam Bryant, Linda Sundblad and Nicole Sabouné. Events are listed here.

Musikplats Stockholm – P4 Stockholm

This is such a gem of a place that I feel slightly worried about giving this tip away, since it is always first come, first served for these gigs. This is simply public service radio at its best – P4 Stockholm broadcasts live concerts on Fridays at lunch time (12:30 to be more precise) and there is place for an audience of around 150 people in Studio 4 of the Radio House (where Jimi Hendrix and many other legends have played). The intimate concerts here only last half an hour, but the audience may be treated to an exclusive encore after the broadcast is over.

And as a rule the artists hang around afterwards for autographs or exchanging a few words with the fans. The artists featured have ranged from Laleh and First Aid Kit to Jill Johnson and Darin.

The bigger the name the earlier you need to come, as the lines start forming one or even two hours before with the most popular artists. Check the concert calendar often, since the bookings are often made relatively late to keep the  musical offerings up to date.

Images: Nina Uddin

Where should you go to listen to some new tunes, while sipping a good öl? Where are the places with THE right music and THE right atmosphere? We know –  and we aren’t afraid to share with you!

The highest concentration of independent venues is on Södermalm, the rockers-island par excellence. It is arty, it is trendy and it is the home of the top 4 venues you may want to check out regularly,  at least if you’re in the mood for a hot gig and the chance to see an up and coming band!



It is the  most famous indie club in Stockholm and probably the first name you’ll hear about when looking for live shows. Named after the Pixies’ song, it was established in 2002 in the former flagship venue at Slussen (alas closed in late September 2013) and followed by the opening of two other locations, Debaser Medis, in Medborgarplatsen, which is the site for major events, and Debaser Strand, the newest club in Hornstull and located by the water, making it one of the top places for summer events.

Debaser puts on interesting live shows by both Swedish and international acts. More info can be found @ Debaser website



Among the best venues for live music, there’s Södra Teatern, the oldest open theater in Stockholm, and built in 1859. It is located on top of a hill that gives a breath-taking view of Gamla Stan. For long time it has been a cabaret venue, but since 1997 it hosts cultural events, from concerts to philosophical debates and seminars.

With seven stages, its program mainly focuses on international acts, with everything from rock, to folk and jazz bands, but  both emerging and well-known Swedish artists are sitll given the chance to play there. More info @ Södra Teatern website



For the true indie-rock lovers, this quite intimate venue is a little treasure. Located right off  Medborgarplatsen station, Lilla Hotell Baren is a very cozy venue for intimate concerts of newly discovered talents. It is the bar of the Scandic Hotel and mostly showcases independent and emerging Swedish acts. More info @ Lilla Hotell Baren website



If  you are looking for a more experimental sound and unconventional events, you have come to the right place. Fylkingen, established in 1930, is an artist-based organization, located in the Münchenbryggeriet, a vast building which once was a brewery. Its program focuses on experimental works, both connected to the music and the performative arts worlds. Home of the EMS – the Swedish National Electronic Music Foundation – it also owns its own music label and magazine . More info @Fylkingen website


Go forth and enjoy!


Arianna Bongioanni


Photo: Anna Huerta/Södra Teatern

When Swedish blues and r’n’b singer Jasmine Kara isn’t found shaking her groove thing on the popular Friday night TV show Let’s Dance, she travels the world making her music dreams come true. YLC’s Nina Uddin has the lowdown on this remarkable singer.

Kara may only be 25, but her life story would already make for a movie or a book. In fact she has already written an autobiography Hälsa henne att hon ska dö (Tell her she will die), which was published around the same time as her debut album was first released back in 2010.

Kara has experienced enough bad times to sing the blues, especially during her teens when she was in a destructive relationship, making her temporarily give up music and brought her to the brink of suicide. At a psychiatric clinic she was encouraged to play the guitar, which turned out to be the best form of therapy for her. Music became the most important thing in Jasmine’s life.

At the tender age of 18, she packed her bags and moved stateside, to New York,  to pursue her music dreams.

Legend has it that Jasmine was singing on the street outside record companies until security guards chased her away. She also took any opportunity she was given to perform at jazz and blues clubs in New York – she especially likes to recall the one night she had Beyoncé and Jay-Z in the audience.

Upon her return to Sweden, Jasmine finally got her record deal with the label of legendary Marshall Chess and Blues Ain’t Nothing But a Good Woman Gone Bad was released in the summer of 2010. The album was full of blues and R & B classics from the treasure trove that is the Chess Records back catalogue, originally sung by Etta James and the like.


Jasmine Kara and the Moose Brothers

Last year Jasmine reintroduced herself with a new look and original music. The music still has retro influences, but in an updated production. Her black and white hairstyle drew attention and she explained that it reflects the duality of her nature. The energetic and outspoken stage persona versus her more calm and friendly private self. It can also be said to reflect the two sides of her family background – her mother is Swedish and her father Iranian.

Jasmine has been spending the past year living out of a suitcase, shuttling between Stockholm, London, New York and Tokyo – writing and recording music with different collaborators for her upcoming album.

She is also starting her own record label and YLC asked her about her thoughts on taking this step. (It seems to be a growing trend in the music business that artists are cutting out the middleman and starting their own labels.)

“It feels very natural and just the right thing to do. I have been signed to a smaller record label for quite a while and that meant I was doing most of the creative work myself anyway,” Kara told YLC.

“Now I can hopefully also start making some money out of it and it gives me the chance to do things at my own pace without having to wait around for others. And if something goes wrong, I’ll only have myself to blame, which feels good for me. I really like big challenges and I like how the music industry has changed in the past years.”

Jasmine’s first single on her new label Karacter Records has just come out and she’s put out a video she shot herself in New York, with people sharing their thoughts about what makes a Beautiful World.

Another new challenge for Jasmine is taking part in Let’s Dance, Sweden’s version of Dancing with the Stars/Strictly Come Dancing, with its 2014 season running this spring. She is very much looking forward to the experience.

“I’m in it to have fun and spread some joy. It’s great to get the chance to learn a new type of art form and a new way to express myself. I also hope to gain more control of my body and soul,” she said.

When asked if there was any  type of dance she particularly would like to learn, Kara answered that she was keen to learn all the ten types of dances in the programme.

“But I feel that rumba looks like the most fun!”


Catch Jasmine Kara and the other celebrities learning their dance moves on TV4 Friday nights at 8pm.


Nina Uddin


Nina is a freelance translator and writer, who also takes her photography more and more seriously. Popular music in all its forms is her biggest passion and she keeps her finger firmly on the pulse of the Stockholm (and Swedish) music scene.

Does your spring need hotting up? Don’t miss our guide to the best gigs and concerts in Stockholm in March! You’re welcome!

Saturday 1 March


  • AVICII @ Tele 2 Arena 18.00.  275 – 485 SEK

Swedish DJ, remixer, and record producer Avicii’s latest album TRUE has taken the world by storm with the theme song “Wake Me Up” reaching number one in over 65 countries.

  • Drake @ Ericsson Globe

Grammy winner and multi-platinum selling hip-hop superstar.

  • Jerry Williams – The Farewell Show @ Cirkus – 19.30

Swedish rock n roll “legend” and former member of The Violents. The Farewell Show sees Jerry perform, with his favorite musicians, dancers, singers and actors, his own songs and other hits that have influenced and shaped him.

  • DANSKVÄLL @ NALEN – 19.00

Nalen’s Saturday dances recreate the classic dance feel of yesteryear with a live orchestra playing jazz songs and evergreens. 

  • Thomas Grahn Blues Band @ Wirströms Pub

  • Isabella Lundgren with the Carl Bagge Trio @ Fasching 18.00. 100-220 SEK

Jazz with roots in tradition and new expressions.

  • Lutan Fyah , Jah Mason, Norrisman & Dub Akom Band @ Sodrateatern 21.00.  275 SEK

Three Jamaican legends backed by Dub Akom Band.

  • Say Lou Lou @ Debaser Medis 23.00. Free entry before 21.00 then 120 SEK.

Identical Swedish twins whose sound hovers between retro and futuristic disco pop.

  • When Saints Go Machine @ Debaser Strand 19.00. 150 SEK

Danish band  drawing on dance, post punk, experimental electronica and pop .

  • John Newman @ Fryhuset 18.30. 330 SEK

English singer best known for the track “Love Me Again” which peaked at number one on the UK Singles Chart in July 2013.

  • Jazzbrunch @ Södrateatern 11.00. 235 SEK

The Jazz Brunch is a true Stockholm Classic, with an immensely popular mix of live jazz music, great food and a wonderful location.

  • Jazz concert @ Glenn Miller Café 20.30

Alex Sipiagin, Sebastian Schunke, Marcel Krömker, Diego Pinera, Robby Gerken.


Sunday 2 March


  • Jerry Williams – The Farewell Show @ Cirkus – 15.00

Swedish rock n roll “legend” and former member of The Violents The Farewell Show sees Jerry perform with his favorite musicians, dancers, singers and actors his own songs and other hits that have influenced and shaped him.

  • Musikafton i Cornelis anda (Music Evening in Cornelis’s spirit) @ Södrateatern 18.00. 175 SEK

  • Jason Derulo @ Fryhuset 18.30. 360 SEK

US R & B singer and dancer.

  • Jazzbrunch @ Södrateatern 11.00. 235 SEK

The Jazz Brunch is a true Stockholm Classic, with an immensely popular mix of live jazz music, great food and a wonderful location.

  • Winter Light – A journey through five centuries @ Glenn Miller Café 13.00

Krister Andersson, clarinet and saxophone; Goran Berencreutz, guitar; Nils Gunnar Palm, contrabass.

  • Future Blues @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00

  • Austin Lucas Band @ Akkurat


Monday 3 March


  • Helen Sjöholm @ Hotel Rival 19.30. 485 SEK

Swedish singer, actress and musical theatre performer.

  • Antonia Vai @ Lilla Hotell Baren 21.00 Free entry

Swedish folk rock singer.

  • Little Dragon @ Debser Medis 20.30

Little Dragon, from Gothenburg mix, R & B, New Wave, electronica and experimental pop.

  • Bullet for my Valentine @ Fryhuset 18.30

Welsh rock monsters

  • Brian Kramer @ Stampen

  • Jazzkultur: Carla + Henning Ullén Sextet ( JAZZLAB ) @ Fasching 19.30 followed by open jam. Free entry.

  • Johan Berke upstairs @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00


Tuesday 4 March


  • Helen Sjöholm @Hotel Rival 19.30. 485 SEK

Swedish singer, actress and musical theatre performer. 

  • Sebastian Schunke Quartet feat. Alex Sipiagin @ Lilla Hotell Baren 20.30. Free entry.

Jazz with German world pianist Sebastian Schunke and his quartet.

  • Tomas Ledin & High Coast chapel @ Cirkus 19.30

Swedish pop singer, Ledin is touring his new album, collaborating with some of Sweden’s foremost folk musicians.

  • Savages @ Debaser Strand 19.00. 200 SEK

London-based post-punk revival rock band. Their debut album, Silence Yourself, reached number 19 in the UK Albums Chart in 2013.

  • After Work: Kustbandet @ Fasching 18.00. 85-170SEK.

Jazz orchestra with deep roots in New Orleans, Chicago and New York’s Harlem.

  • Jazz concert @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00

Niklas Barnö, Emil Skogh, Erik Carlsson.


Wednesday 5 March


  • Supersuckers @ Debaser Medis 19.00. 195 SEK

US self-proclaimed “Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the World”, known to play country shows under various names.

  • Scott Kelly and the Road Home @ Lilla Hotell Baren 21.00. Free entry.

American Scott Kelly is known as the lead singer of the world’s best alternative metal band Neurosis. With The Road Home he explores the dark side of the American acoustic folk music.

  • Give It Up or Turnit ‘a Loose: Dance like it ‘s 1969 @ Fasching 20.00. 75-150 SEK.

A twelve person band playing catchy and danceable motown music along with a cool DJ and club night.

  • Katzen Kapell @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00

  • All Star Swing @ Stampen


Thursday 6 March


  • Will Vinson ‘The World (Through My Shoes)’ Band @ Fasching 20.00. 85-150 SEK.

Alto saxophonist and composer Will Vinson has played with Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Aaron Parks, Sufjan Stevens and Rufus Wainwright, and he is a member of several of New York’s leading ensembles.

  • The Boxer Rebellion @ Södra Bar 21.00. Free entry.

London alternative rock band The Boxer Rebellion have a reputation for breaking the rule book.

  • John Murry + Zacharias Blad @ Debaser Medis 18.00. 195 SEK.

Singer/songwriter whose debut self-titled record was listed by Uncut as one of the best records of 2012.

  • White Poppy @ Debaser Strand 20.30. 80 SEK.

Experimental and dreamy pop-rock.

  • Katzen Kapell @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00

  • Doc’s Gang @ Stampen


Friday 7 March


  • Jerry Williams – The Farewell Show @ Cirkus 19.30

Swedish rock n roll “legend” and former member of The Violents The Farewell Show sees Jerry perform, with his favorite musicians, dancers, singers and actors, his own songs and other hits that have influenced and shaped him.

  • Danny Brown @ Nalen  20.00

American hip hop recording artist from Detroit, described by MTV as “one of rap’s most unique figures in recent memory”.

  • Grace Kelly @ Fasching 20.00. 110-270 SEK.

American saxophonist, singer, composer and arranger, Grace Kelly has played with a long list of jazz stars.

  • Dödens Dal + Promise and the Monster @ Kägelbanan 21.00. 120 SEK

Dödens Dal (Death Valley) are a Swedish Ambient and Indie duo, while Promise and the Monster have echoes of PJ Harvey and Stina Nordenstam. 

  • The Mobile Homes @ Debaser Medis 23.00. Free entry before 21.00 120 SEK after.

Synth band.

  • Jazz concert @ Glenn Miller Café 20.30

Julia Strzale, Per “Texas” Johansson, Johan Graden, Mauritz Agnas, Konrad Agnas,

  • Terry O’ Connel and his Pilots @Wirströms Pub – Blues

  • Bobo and the Icepickers @Lilla Wien – Blues

  • Soul Club @ Stampen


Saturday 8 March


  • Melodifestivalen 2014 Final @ Friends Arena 19:00. 345+ SEK

Final of the annual music competition organised by Swedish public broadcasters Sveriges Television (SVT) and Sveriges Radio (SR) to determine the country’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Bandit Rock Awards @ Annexet 19.30. 425 SEK

Performing during the gala part of the evening: Hardcore Superstar, Black Stone Cherry, Dregen, Ulf Nilsson, Amaranthe. The evening continues with a full concert from American heavy metal heroes Five Finger Death Punch.

  • Jerry Williams – The Farewell Show @ Cirkus 15.00  and 19.30

Swedish rock n roll “legend” and former member of The Violents The Farewell Show sees Jerry perform, with his favorite musicians, dancers, singers and actors, his own songs and other hits that have influenced and shaped him.

  • Tensta Gospel Choir with friends @ Fasching 20.00. 150-200SEK.

A mix of spirituals, classical gospel and blues with jazz, soul and funk from a 30 vocal strong “pure gospel acid” choir.

  • Blackberry Smoke @ Kägelbanan 21.00. 250 SEK

Blackberry Smoke is a band from the deep American South performing a cocktail of gospel, bluegrass, arena rock, soul and a good dose of outlaw country.

  • Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra @ Debaser Strand 22.00. Free entry before 21.00, 120 SEK after.

Through seven albums from 2000-2010, the Canadian band has developed a unique choral singing style with politically charged lyrics and compositions that bring together electric guitars with violins, cello and double bass 

  • Volodya @ Stallet 20.00

  • Pål Nyberg kvartett @ Glenn Miller Café 20.30

  • Allen Finney Combo @ Wirströms Pub – Blues

  • Bobo and the Icepickers @ Lilla Wien – Blues

  • Jazzbrunch @ Sodrateatern 11.00. 235 SEK

The Jazz Brunch is a true Stockholm Classic, with an immensely popular mix of live jazz music, great food and a wonderful location.

  • All Star Blues Band @Stampen


Sunday 9 March


  • Gavin Degraw @ Annexet 19.30. 460 SEK

American singer songwriter whose song “I Don’t Want to Be” was the theme song for teen drama One Tree Hill.

  • Darkside + High Water @ Debaser Medis 20.00. 250 SEK

US band Darkside make slow, wonderfully strange songs using keyboards and odd audio recordings together with breath and crazy drum arrangements. Supported by psychedelic High Water.

  • Earl Sweatshirt @ Debaser Strand 20.00. 275 SEK

American rapper and member of the Los Angeles-based hip-hop collective Odd Future.

  • You Me at Six @ Fryhuset 18.30. 240 SEK

British rock band.

  • Jazz concert @ Glenn Miller Café

Matilda Mörk, Fredrik Hermansson, Gustav Lundgren, Kenji Rabson.

  • Thorbjörn Risager @ Akkurat – Blues

  • Jazzbrunch @ Södrateatern 11.00. 235 SEK

The Jazz Brunch is a true Stockholm Classic, with an immensely popular mix of live jazz music, great food and a wonderful location.


Monday 10 March


  • Toy @ Lilla Hotell Baren 21.00. Free entry.

British band with a delightful mix of krautrock, psychedelia and post-punk.

  • The Devin Townsend Project @ Debaser Medis 20.00. 295 SEK

Extreme metal from California.

  • Jazzkultur: Open Trio @ Fasching 19.30 followed by open jam. Free entry. Modern jazz trio led by Joakim Simonsson.

  • Namasthe from India @ Stallet 19.00

Led by flautist and singer Shantala Subramanyam the trio performs traditional South Indian Carnatic music, a style that is known for its melodious harmonies and special rhythm.

  • Le Jazz Cool @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00 

  • Corey Harris (US) @ Stampen – Blues


Tuesday 11 March


  • P-FLOYD @ Cirkus 19.30

Scandinavian tribute band P-Floyd have a reputation for grandiose stage shows with inventive and innovative versions of Pink Floyd’s classic songs.

  • Eric Church @ Nalen 20.00

American country music singer-songwriter whose style has been described as country rock, outlaw country, and southern rock.

  • Homeboy Sandman @ Fasching 20.00. 180 SEK

Hip hop genius, musician and MC who grew up in Queens, New York, London, and on Long Island, Homeboy Sandman is signed to iconic label Stones Throw Records and was selected to coach the participants of MTV’s MADE.

  • Magnus Dölerud Quartet @ Lilla Hotell Baren 20.30 Free entry.

Jazz from the 50s and 60s.

  • Håkan Goohde Trio @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00

  • OneRepublic @ Fryshuset 18.30. 350 SEK

American pop rock band.

  • Blå Gubbar @ Stampen


Wednesday 12 March


  • Rasmus Flash Edgeology @ Fasching 20.00. 60-120SEK.

A mix of jazz, James Brown and house, this young group have played on Sweden’s biggest stages with various pop acts.

  • Hospin @ Nalen 21.00. 250 SEK

LA rapper Hopsin is one of the most outspoken and unconventional members of today’s underground hip-hop scene.

  • The Classic Jazz Quartet @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00


Thursday 13 March


  • Backstreet Boys @ Hovet 19.30. 510-565 SEK

  • Marius Neset @ Fasching 20.00. 85-220 SEK

Saxophonist and composer who has gained enormous international attention in recent years, not least for its prominent role in the success of the group Jazz Kamikaze. His compositions are inspired by Zappa, as well as Stravinsky.

  • Karin Ström @ Lilla Hotell Baren 21.00.  Free entry.

Swedish singer songwriter.

  • Groupa @ Stallet 19.00

With their unique form of Swedish folk Groupa are one of the genre’s absolute super groups and have since the 1980s been at the forefront of the progressive Swedish folk music.

  • The Classic Jazz Quartet @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00

  • Jazz ‘n’ Blue @ Stampen


Friday 14 March


  • Rufus Wainwright @ Filadelfia Kyrkan 19.30. 485 SEK

The pop opera virtuoso tours his new best of album.

  • Den Flygande Bokrullen + förband: Liten Buske! @ Fasching 20.00. 170 SEK

One of Sweden’s first klezmer bands, The Flying Bokrullen has played at festivals and clubs in Vienna, Berlin and Warsaw with their style of simultaneous old school punk, and traditional.

  • Binta Blackout’s Birthday Bash @ Kägelbanan 22.00. 220 SEK

Dancehall and reggae all night for Binta Blackout, Europe’s Dancehall Queen, 2013 birthday.

  • ÁRA @ Stallet 20.00

Sami music.

  • Jazz concert @ Glenn Miller Café 20.30

Anna Louise Andersson, Filip Ekestubbe, Niklas Fernqvist, Wille Alin.

  • Abidaz @ Debaser Medis 23.00. 120 SEK

Swedish hip hop artist.

  • Sol Invictus + The Wand and the Monn @ Debaser Strand 21.00. Free entry before 21.00, 120 SEK after.

Neofolk from Denmark and the UK.

  • Race Waye @ Stampen

  • Ucool Hillbillies @ Stampen


Saturday 15 March


  • Lina Nyberg Band: release concert @ Fasching 20.00. 100-220 SEK

Jazz singer Lina Nyberg has for 20 years distinguished herself as one of the most creative and distinctive musicians in Scandinavia. She will be playing songs from her new album with the Norrbotten Big Band.

  • Lilla Namo @ Debaser Medis 23.00 Free entry before 21.00, 120 SEK after.

Hip hop and soul.

  • Jazzbrunch @ Södrateatern 11.00 235 SEK

The Jazz Brunch is a true Stockholm Classic, with an immensely popular mix of live jazz music, great food and a wonderful location.

  • TMQ @ Glenn Miller Café 20.30

  • Hot Pretzels @ Stampen

  • Chuck Berry Mania @ Stampen


Sunday 16 March


  • Midlake @ Berns 20.00. 280 SEK

American folk rock band touring latest critically acclaimed album Antiphon.

  • Fat Boy @ Akkurat – Blues

  • Paul Jackson Trio feat Pee Wee Ellis @Fasching 20.00. 150-300 SEK

One of jazz funk’s biggest trendsetters, Paul Jackson was one of the original members of Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters.

  • Anna Calvi @ Södrateatern 20.00.  290 SEK

British singer songwriter and guitarist whose debut album was nominated in the UK for the Mercury Music Prize and Brit Awards. 

  • Jazzbrunch @ Södrateatern 11.00. 235 SEK

The Jazz Brunch is a true Stockholm Classic, with an immensely popular mix of live jazz music, great food and a wonderful location.

  • Ahora Aqui- Här & Nu @ Glenn Miller Café 13.00

  • Jazz concert @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00

Marcelo Gabard Pazos, Ville Bromander, Konrad Agnas.

Monday 17 March


  • Varg @ Lilla Hotell Baren 21.00. Free entry.

Pop and folk rock.

  • Jazzkultur: Susanna Risberg Trio @ Fasching 19.30 followed by open jam. Free entry.

A guitar trio.

  • Young & Blue: Robert Hill, Lisa Lystam, Fred Karsson @ Stampen

  • Trinity @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00


Tuesday 18 March


  • Tomasz Stanko New York Quartet @ Fasching 20.00. 110-270 SEK

Legendary Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko has a career spanning over 50 years.

  • Absolut Vibra @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00

  • Lucky Devils @ Stampen


Wednesday 19 March


  • Krister Jonsson Deluxe @ Fasching 20.00. 60-120SEK

Jazz mixing classical and rock influences.

  • Chirping @ Debaser Strand, Bar Brooklyn 19.00. Free entry

North Stockholm band.

  • Viktor & The Blood + Västerbron @ Debaser Strand 20.00. 100 SEK

“The raw energy of a punk trio, classic songwriting and rock solid, modern rock sound.”

  • Les Pickadoles @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00

  • The Soul Band @ Engelen

  • Jambalya @ Stampen


Thursday 20 March


  • Don Byron Quartet @ Fasching 20.00. 95-240 SEK

The Quartet’s repertoire is focused around Byron’s colorful compositions, often inspired by Young, John Coltrane and Eddie Harris.

  • Sophie Zelmani @ Södra Teatern 20.00. 330 SEK

Swedish singer songwriter.

  • Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats + The Oath @ Debaser Strand 20.00. 160 SEK

British hard rockers Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats have spent the fall as the opening act for Black Sabbath European tour and are supported by Berlin-based duo The Oath, which consists of the Swedish guitarist Linnea Olsson and German singer Johanna Sadonis.

  • King Ayisoba @ Kägelbanan 21.00. 175 SEK

King Ayisoba from Ghana has become a big star at home and internationally recognized, mixing traditional kologo (guitar) music with West African hiplife, a Ghanaian musical style which fuses highlife and hip hop.

  • Yane + Trail of Feathers @ Södra Bar 21.00. Free entry

Yane perform a dazzling sound of melancholic pop with stylish retro with synths reminiscent of Florence And The Machine and Metric and Trail of Feathers love old rock, blues and soul 

  • Pixel @ Stallet 20.00. 100- 140 SEK

Modern jazz quartet

  • Mathias Lilja @ Lilla Hotell Baren 21.00. Free entry


  • Les Pickadoles @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00

  • The Soul Band @Engelen

  • Grand Brother @Stampen



Friday 21 March


  • J. Dilla Shines On @ Fasching 21.00. 100-170 SEK

One of hip-hop’s most prominent and significant producers is joined by some of the country’s most prominent and creative rappers and singers.

  • Parker Lewis @ Debaser Medis 23.00 Free entry before 21.00, 120 SEK after.

Swedish singer.

  • Sista Sekunden + Agent Attitude + Gamla Pengar + Primitive Rites @ Debaser Strand 19.00. Free entry before 21.00, 120 SEK after.

Various hardcore punk bands.

  • Visa Nordica @Stallet 20.00. 100-140 SEK

Traditional Scandinavian songs by Finnish and Swedish songwriters including Vreeswijk, Helismaa, Bellman, Adolphson, Rautiainen and others.

  • The Soul Band @Engelen

  • Patrick Jansson Band @ Wirströms Pub – Blues 

  • Trick Bag @ Stampen

  • Voice of Soul @ Stampen



Saturday 22 March


  • Andy Pfeiler feat Simone Moreno @ Fasching 20.00. 180 SEK

Swinging music that dips toes into soul and funk.

  • Vit Päls + Det stora monstret @ Debaser Medis 22.00. Free entry before 21.00 120 SEK after

Swedish bands White Fur and The Big Monster

  • Anna Stadling @ Stallet 20.00. 100-140 SEK

“Sweden’s best country singer.”

  • The Soul Band @Engelen

  • South Rhythm & Blues Band @ Stampen 

  • Mad Dogs @ Stampen

  • Patrick Jansson Band @ Wirströms Pub – Blues

  • Jazzbrunch @ Södrateatern 11.00. 235 SEK

The Jazz Brunch is a true Stockholm Classic, with an immensely popular mix of live jazz music, great food and a wonderful location.


Sunday 23 March


  • På tal om visor @ Etablissemanget 18.00. 160 SEK

Swedish folk music with Tomas Edström, Pär Sörman and Ulf Bagge.

  • Spampinato Brothers @ Akkurat

  • Jazzbrunch@ Södrateatern 11.00. 235 SEK

The Jazz Brunch is a true Stockholm Classic, with an immensely popular mix of live jazz music, great food and a wonderful location.

  • Jazz concert @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00

Fredrik Nordström, Daniel Karlsson, Martin Sjöstedt, Daniel Fredriksson.


Monday 24 March


  • Mogwai @ Cirkus 19.30

90s Scottish post-rock band touring their latest album Rave Tapes.

  • Gutarra @ Lilla Hotell Baren 20.30. Free entry

Singer of punk rock band Lapuma

  • Jazzkultur: Rigmor Gustafsson @ Fasching 19.30 followed by open jam. Free entry.

  • Jazz concert @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00

Sofi Norling, Jonne Bentlöv, Henrik Hallberg, Niklas Fernqvist, Carl Ottosson.

  • Handful Of Blues @ Stampen


Tuesday 25 March


  • Brad Paisley @ Cirkus 19.30. 695 SEK

One of the world’s hottest new country stars

  • Ulda with Ulla Pirttijärvi @ Fasching 19.00. 200 SEK

Modern music based on jojk, dealing with themes from the north and the Sami culture.

  • The Ordinary Square @ Lilla Hotell Baren 20.30 Free entry.

Jazz quartet

  • Kolibri 7 @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00

  • Jump4Joy @ Stampen


Wednesday 26 March


  • Andreas Pettersson Quartet feat Deborah Brown @ Fasching 20.00. 85- 220 SEK

Swedish guitarist Andreas Pettersson and American singer Deborah Brown have completed numerous tours to sell out houses in Sweden and in the US, performing material largely taken from “The Great American Songbook ” with some originals.

  • NONONO @Debaser Strand 21.00. 100 SEK

Double Grammy nominee NONONO is one of Sweden’s hottest bands.

  • Architects @ Fryhuset 18.30. 245 SEK

British metalcore band from Brighton.

  • Erik Palmberg Quintet @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00


Thursday 27 March


  • Rebekka Karijord @ Södra Teatern 20.00. 200 SEK

Originally Norwegian, Rebekka has lived in Stockholm for 13 years, where she has composed music for numerous films, television shows, dance and theater performances throughout Europe.

  • The Myele Manzanza Trio @ Fasching 20.00.  95-190SEK

New Zealand drummer weaving together jazz, hip hop, R & B, electronica, broken beat, soul and world.

  • Bo Kaspers Orkester @ Cirkus – 19.30.  565 SEK

With a blend of jazz and Latin American influences, Bo Kaspers Orkester created a genre of its own in the Swedish pop scene and has become one of Scandinavia’s most popular live acts and biggest selling bands.

  • Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit @ Debaser Strand 21.30. 130 SEK

British folk rocker.

  • Erik Palmberg Quintet @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00

  • Raubtier @ Fryhuset 18.30

Swedish industrial metal band 

  • Mad Men @ Stampen


Friday 28 March


  • Roberto Fonseca @ Fasching 20.00. 150- 350 SEK

Charismatic Cuban pianist Roberto Fonseca touring latest album “YO ” which explores new sounds through blending traditional acoustic instruments with electronic elements.

  • Ali Azimi @ Kägelbanan 20.00. 165 SEK

Ali Azimi is an Iranian singer and songwriter based in London but originally from Tehran where he was the singer and songwriter for underground rock band Radio Tehran.

  • D-A-D @ Debaser Medis 21.30 (sold out)

Danish rock band known as “Disneyland After Dark” has a style of music often categorized as melodic heavy rock.

  • Red Fang @ Debaser Strand + support 20.30. Free entry before 21.00, 100 SEK after.

American heavy metal band.

  • Country @ Glenn Miller Café 20.30

  • Blues Selection @Wirströms Pub

  • Elvis 4U2 @ Stampen


Saturday 29 March


  • Robert Glasper Experiment @ Fasching 20.00. 250- 400 SEK

Jazz pianist Robert Glasper’s technically perfect and harmonically complex sound flirts with both soul, hip hop and electronic funk.

  • Tribulation, Vampire & Antichrist @ Kägelbanan 21.00 135 SEK

Three of Sweden’s best bands on the gig scene.

  • Money @ Debaser Medis 23.00. Free entry before 21.00 100 SEK after.

British indie band.

  • Corrosion of Conformity @ Debaser Strand 20.00. Free entry before 21.00 120 SEK after.

American heavy metal ban formed in the 1980s.

  • Pombo @ Glenn Miller Café 20.30

  • Blues Connection @ Wirströms Pub

  • Shoeshine Boys (Rock ‘n’ Roll) @ Stampen

  • Beatles night @ Stampen

  • Jazzbrunch @ Södra Teatern 11.00.  235 SEK

The Jazz Brunch is a true Stockholm Classic, with an immensely popular mix of live jazz music, great food and a wonderful location.


Sunday 30 March


  • BADGE @ Akkurat

  • Jazzbrunch @ Sodrateatern 11.00. 235 SEK

The Jazz Brunch is a true Stockholm Classic, with an immensely popular mix of live jazz music, great food and a wonderful location. 

  • Från operans overkliga verklighet @ Glen Miller Café 13.00 

  • Jazz concert @ Glenn Miller Café 20.00

Gunnel Mauritzson, Anders Hagberg, Jean-Simon Maurin, Yasuhito Mori.


Monday 31 March


  • Henric de la Cour @ Sodra Teatern 19.30. 220 SEK

Swedish songwriter, musician and former lead singer with bands Yvonne and Strip Music.

  • Stu Larsen @ Debaser Medis 21.30. 120 SEK

Australian folk rocker

  • Jazzkultur: Klas Nevrin Ensemble@ Fasching 19.30 followed by open jam. Free entry.

Original and intensive exploration of improvisation opportunities through a myriad of methods, sounds and moods.

  • Harbotastics @ Glernn Miller Café 20.00

  • John Ben Berger @ Stampen


Featured Image: Martin Fisch/Flickr (file)

Sometimes your love life doesn’t match up with the calendar and when the big Day of Romance rolls around you might be nursing a broken heart. Not to worry, though. There’s plenty of fun to be had while those coupled up love-sick saps gaze into each other’s eyes. That’s right – it’s time to put on your dancing shoes and dance away the lovesick blues!


Golden Hits

Everything was better during the disco days, right? Indulge in a flashback and go wild at Golden Hits, where you with be THE Dancing Queen. Really. Four bars, three dance floors, karaoke, and all your favourite songs from the 70s and 80s. Who needs romance when you can dance? Plus, although it’s located just a brisk walk from Stureplan, it’s laid back and social – not pretentious. Just fun.

Where: Kungsgatan 29, Stockholm
When: Open until 3 a.m.
Damage: Entrance costs 150 SEK Fridays and Saturdays

Contact: 08-50 55 60 00
Email: golden.stockholm@wallmans.com
Age: 25+


Le Bon Palais/Candy

Popular club Le Bon Palais is always a great place to dance. It always seems to have a fun crowd ready to throw themselves into the 90s vibe – but on Fridays the place is transformed to the ever colorful gay-bar, Candy. So if you’re a single guy, this is where to get it on. If you’re a heartbroken gal sworn off straight men forever (or at least for the night), then party it up with your more loyal guy friends – the ones who truly understand you, and who will dance like crazy without things getting complicated.

Where: Barnhusgatan 12, Stockholm
When: Fri & Sat 22.00 – +3.00
Damage: Varies

Contact: 08 10 09 32
Email: bord@lebonpalais.se
Age: 23+


Tango Amor

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t have a little steam, a little spark, a little tension, y’know? Fridays are drop-in and social days at Tango Amore. This is for those of you who want to dance away your heartbreak in a more structured way – held tight in the arms of another, slinking across the dancefloor in a passionate embrace with a stranger. Plus, did you know YLC readers get 10% off?

Where: Hornsgatan 75, Stockholm
When: Friday drop in classes from 19:30 to 21:00, then social dance away until 1:00

Contact: 076 12 31 742
Damage: Varies – single time costs 150 SEK, 100 for students. Clip card with six clips costs 750 SEK (500 for students)
Age: All welcome



Nothing like a little hard metal to bash away that sorrow? Want to headbang so hard you can’t recall he who never called? Rocks is the Stockholm metal club, for when house can’t heal your heartbreak. They frequently have live-bands, too. Mosh pit anyone?

Where: Mariatorget 1A, Stockholm
When: Fridays, 20.00 – 03.00

Contact: 08 644 54 18
Damage: 100 SEK
Age: 18+

Under Bron

Don’t go crawl under a rock – a bridge will do. Under Bron, the club under the bridge at Hornstull, is a hipster heaven where you can dance until 5 in the morning. Get on your coolest gear, grab your coolest friends and go be your coolest self! On Valentine’s Day a nice mix of DJ’s will be playing, including Mr. Tophat and Art Alfie, Slow Blow, and Andreas Bertman.

Where: Hammarby Slussvägen 2, Stockholm
When: Varies; Usually gets going about 23.00 and runs to 05.00

Contact: 08 644 20 23
Damage: 100+

Age:  21+


Featured Image: Dennis Skley


After making her name penning tunes for the likes of Icona Pop, Girls Aloud and Cher Lloyd, Stockholmer Tove Lo Nilsson is stepping into the limelight as a solo artist, with songs that she feels are simply too personal to give away to others.

Tove Lo strength as a songwriter is based on carefully crafting pop gems with a distinctive nerve and sincerity – as well as something you could only call darkness. And while she continues to crank out the hits for others she’s also moving more and more on to centre stage.

Her first releases Love Ballad and Habits gained her a blog following and garnered the attention of influential media like The Guardian in the UK. She also started popping up on many lists of top new Scandinavian artists to keep an eye out for. Her latest offering Out of Mind has received plenty of radio play and takes her one step further on her way to pop stardom.

The video for Out of Mind offers us a peak into Tove’s inner demons, dreamscapes as well as Stockholm scenery – and highlights her distinctively rich, dark voice.

While Tove Lo is making waves with her own music, she has also recently become a part of Max Martin’s songwriting team. As you may know, Max Martin is the legendary Swedish songwriter and producer, currently based in Los Angeles. He is the man behind many of top sellers from a long list of well-known artists and performers, such as Britney Spears, Pink, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, and Justin Bieber.


Nina Uddin

Nina is a freelance translator and writer, who also takes her photography more and more seriously. Popular music in all its forms is her biggest passion and she keeps her finger firmly on the pulse of the Stockholm (and Swedish) music scene.


Swedish NONONO’s urban indie pop sounds are set to take the world by storm, says YLC’s Nina Uddin, kicking off a new YLC series on up-and-coming Swedish music. 


It all started in 2012, when producers Astma (Tobias Jimson) and Rocwell (Michel Flygare) were on the lookout for a vocalist to front their latest project, after ten years of working with numerous hip hop acts (along with Sweden’s newest superstars, Icona Pop). This is when they hooked up with singer/songwriter Stina Wäppling and the rest is, as they say, history. 

The pairing of Astma and Rocwell with their vocalist came through the publishing company Wäppling was signed to as a songwriter. They felt a strong chemistry with her and decided they wanted to be more involved in the whole package, rather than just being the producers behind a solo artist.  The result was the threesome forming a group under the name NONONO in the spring of 2012, after which they began their remarkable ascent.

The group’s urban indie-pop sounds, along with Stina’s hauntingly beautiful vocals, attracted the attention of many international music blogs very early on with their debut single Like the Wind.

The second single Pumpin Blood has been gaining momentum ever since its release and has earned them more acclaim from music sites around the world, as well as plenty of airplay home in Sweden.  Pumpin Blood was the most played song of 2013 on P3, the main popular music outlet at Sveriges Radio (SR). NONONO also featured at Sweden’s legendary Hultsfred Festival and has since gone from strength to strength, busily cracking the States by earning recent stints on, among others,  Jimmy Kimmel Live and Perez Hilton’s web-TV.


NONONO’s debut album is just being given its finishing touches, and the band is readying itself to play a series of dates across Europe, after which they’ll be touring America with the Arctic Monkeys and Phoenix.  Come March they’re heading to SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin, Texas, one of the most important showcases for fresh musical talent in the world.

In case you are wondering about the name of the group, it comes from learning to say NO to some things in order to be able to do what you really want and what feels right for you. Advice well worth taking in general – but this trio most certainly gets a YES YES YES from us!


Nina Uddin

Nina is a freelance translator and writer, who also takes her photography more and more seriously. Popular music in all its forms is her biggest passion and she keeps her finger firmly on the pulse of the Stockholm (and Swedish) music scene.

If music is your thing the first month of the new year is packed with surprises right from the get-go, with both emerging acts and renowned international bands filling the calendar. 

Kraftwerk @ Pukkelpop 2009 - by  Kristof Acke
Kraftwerk @ Pukkelpop 2009 – by Kristof Acke

January Highlight: KRAFTWERK

21/22/23 January @ Cirkus

A unique occasion to see the pioneering German electro-pop band live. Kraftwerk will perform four 3d-shows over three days, where you will be immersed in a deep flux of electronic minimal music.
Kraftwerk’s musical journey began forty years ago, with their strictly-electronic sound being an inspiration for generations of musicians and a strong influencer on musical genres.  Emerging from the electronic German scene of the late ’60s, their distinctive sound takes inspiration from the world they live in, and their minimal aesthetic recalls the Europe of the post-war era, celebrating technology and innovation.
In conjunction with the concerts Moderna Museet will hold an exhibition, Dancemachines – From Léger to Kraftwerk, in which will be exhibited Kraftwerk’s 3 -D video installation “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8“.
For more information and tickets:

Kratfwerk live @ Cirkus

From Léger to Kraftwerk @ Moderna Museet

Friday, 3 January

Honey Milk @ Dabaser Medis - Free entry before 9pm, after kr.120 – The Swedish rock band will present their latest full length album, released in November 2013.

Julia Vero + Anaye + MISSA @ Debaser Strand -Free entry before 9pm, after 9 pm – kr.120. An all-women night at Debaser Strand with Stockholm-based duo Anaye, who will share the stage with Julia Vero and Missa.

Saturday, 4 January

Azure Blue + Iberia @ Debaser Strand -Free entry before 9pm, after kr.120 – Solo project by

Tobias Isaksson, previously involved with the folk pop project Laurel Music and Irene.  The night will be opened by Iberia’s dreamy electro pop.

The Unkool Hillbillies @ Stampen - Free entry -  Get ready to dance with the rockabilly band from Uppsala.

Tuesday, 7 January

Lars Ekman Quintet @ Glenn Millers Cafe - Free entry.

Wednesday, 8 January 

Ásgeir @ Lilla Baren - Free entry – Electronic indie folk from Iceland. Singer/songwriter Ásgeir will perform in this small but very unique venue in the heart of Östermalm.

Ditt Inre @ Lilla Hotel Baren – Free entry – Electro pop duo from Stockholm. The night is organised by Fritz’s Corner.

Thurday, 9 January

RaajMahal @ Lilla Hotel Baren - Experimental electronic band. The night is organized by Bored to Death.

Friday, 10 January

De Utbytbara @ KGB – kr. 40 – Swedish alternative country band.

Saturday, 11 January 

Kite + Supra @ Debaser Medis - Free entry before 9pm, after kr.120 – New project by Christian Berg (Strip Music) and Nicklas Stenemo (The Mo och Melody Club), Kite is considered one of the best Swedish electronic act. The concert will be open by Supra (for more info click here).

Sunday, 12 January

Fire Orchestra @ Fasching - from  kr. 80 to kr. 190 – An incredible concert by a unique ensemble of 28 musicians – they stretch their musical reach into several genres, from jazz, rock, soul to contemporary classical music. Recommended.

Emil and The Ecstatics Akkurat – Free entry – Soul ‘n blues concert with a top act.

Wednesday, 15 January

Håkan Broström, Ludvig Berghe, Kristian Lind, Henrik Ousbäck @ Glenn Miller Cafe – Free entry – Jazz night.

Thursday, 16 January 

Le Chat Mort @ Strand/Bar Brooklyn - Free entry- Release party for the Swedish country act’s second full-length effort.

Friday, 17 January

Caotico +  FLLR @ Debaser Medis (Stora Scenen) - Free entry before 9pm, after 9pm kr.120 – A night organized by indie label Nomethod, featuring live music from Swedish bands Caotico and FLLR (First Love Last Rites).

Frida Andersson @ Debaser Medis (Ballroom -3rd Floor) - Free entry – Release party for the new album from Swedish singer/songwriter Frida Andersson.

Saturday, 18 January

Kylesa + Sierra + Jagged Vision @ Debaser Strand - Free entry before 9pm, after 9pm kr.120 – A full power night at Debaser, with metal/sludge bands Kylesa (USA), Sierra (Canada) and  Jagged Vision (Norway).

Side Effects + Locals @ Debaser Medis - Free entry before 9pm, after 9pm kr.120 – Debaser go totally Swedish with indie pop-rock bands Side Effects and Locals.

Sunday, 19 January

Lanterns on the Lake @ Debaser Strand - kr.120 – The critically acclaimed Lanterns on the Lake are a unique band able to merge all-in-one dreamy post rock melodies with pop folk hues. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, 22 January

Alice Boman @ Lilla Hotell Baren - Free entry – A dreamy and ethereal sound from Swedish singer/songwriter Alice Boman. Join her at Lilla Hotell Baren for an intimate live show.

Poliça @ Debaser Strand - Tickets kr. 140 – A music collective that began as a collaboration between producer Ryan Olson (Gayings) and vocalist Channy Leaneagh. The sound is a fusion of smooth electronic shadings, reminiscent of Lambs and the trip hop wave of the mid 90s, with R&B and synthpop atmospheres. The result is a unique experimental outcome characterised by vocal effects and distorted melodies.

Xenia Kriisin @ Debaser Medis- Tickets kr.145 – Gothenburg-based singer&songwriter, Kriisin is one of Sweden’s most critically acclaimed emerging artists. Her debut album, Hymn, was released in September 2013.

Coultrain @ Fasching - Tickets from kr. 100. – An eclectic artist and musician who extends his creativity in several directions, from jazz to ambient soul to R&B.

Friday, 24 January

Neils Children + Katacomb @ Debaser Strand - Free entry before 9pm, after 9pm kr.120 – After a hiatus from the stage, Britian’s Niels Children come back performing their latest album, Dimly Lit. The night will be open by Gothenburg-based indie band Katacomb.

PH3 @ Fasching - Tickets kr 195 – Two of Sweden’s most renowned rappers, PH3 are considered pioneers of the Scandinavian hip hop scene.

Saturday, 25 January

Kvelertak @ Debaser Medis - kr. 250 – Eclectic Norwegian metal band, characterised by mashing black metal with punk rock sounds. Surprisingly enjoyable.

Wednesday, 29 January

Son Lux @ Debaser Strand - kr. 100 – Polyinstrumentist and multi-faceted musician and artist, Son Lux composes beautiful and complex tunes that are loaded with dramatic atmospheres and ethereal electronic sounds. Recommended.

Thursday, 30 January

Alcest + Hexvessel @ Debaser Medis - kr. 150 – Acclaimed French metal band that has basked in superlative reviews from the critics. The evening will be opened by Finland’s  Hexvessel.

Zhenya Strigalev’ Smiling Organizm @ Fasching – Tickets from kr. 100 to kr. 220 – A unique occasion to see this top jazz musician performing music  composed by Zhenya Stringalev.

Friday, 31 January

Elliphant @ Debaser Strand - Free entry before 9pm, after 9pm kr.120 – Swedish artist Ellinor Olovsdotter, aka Elliphant, creates a distinct personal sound that moves from dubstep to dance beats. If you are a dance-floor lover don’t miss Elliphant at Debaser!

The Virgins +Saigon @ Debaser Medis - SOLD OUT - New York based band, The Virgins  mix indie rock with a sound reminiscent of the new wave of the late 70s. Hopefully you’ve been quick enough to get a ticket in time! The night will be open by New York-based Saigon.

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Arianna Bongioanni