22 Jun 2024
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Summer Pleasures of Art

  Summer! Time to luxuriate outdoors…  … contemplating the numerous art displayed in parks dotting Stockholm city central in their relations to nature and surrounding architecture personifying Sweden’s iconic modernist age as one golden era. …watching Swedes sunbathe on lush green lawns at lunch break and bathe in the glory of how far feminism has […]

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Getting To Know Your Valentine With Art

As Stockholm gears up for Valentine’s Day, Your Living City recommends a string of art exhibitions to attend with the new love of your life post the first flush of euphoria experienced during 14th February… …especially when the selected art shows let you naturally discover the potential love of your life’s childhood memories, cherished dreams, […]

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October’s Art Highlights

The art highlighted for October is about all things Swedish, with a few outside the country thrown in as contrast for good measure, or as instigators to muse more deeply on the ideas and ideals conveyed by the creative Swedes. Concurrently, the created artworks on display transverse from the modern to the contemporary, varying greatly […]

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