22 Jun 2024
south africa
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YLC Travel – South Africa, From Zero To Unforgettable In Only 13 Hours

A safari in the untouched wild, breathtaking views, a sun-soaked beach, the pulse of a bustling city, a fascinating window into a vibrant culture, an unforgettable adventure through an outdoor playground – in South Africa you can have it all! Swedes are among the most frequent travellers and they form a reference point when it comes to the trendiest […]

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South African wines – the new wave in Sweden

Your Living City was invited to a special wine tasting with the main representatives of South African wines in Sweden. We had the chance to try out the novelties, the established wines and some other South African specialities. The wine market in Sweden has been in favor of traditional wines from well-known terrains such as France and […]

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Recipe of the Week: Milk Tart

Milk tart (or “melktert” in Afrikaans) is one of South Africa’s most popular Sunday after-church tea accompaniments. Similar to a custard tart, the ratio of milk to egg is higher which gives it a lighter texture and a more milky flavour.

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