23 May 2024
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Cities you should visit when you are in Sweden

Sweden, with its enchanting blend of modern innovation and deep-rooted history, offers a tapestry of experiences for every traveler. This guide takes you through some of Sweden’s most captivating cities, each brimming with unique stories and sights. Several of these are Sweden’s largest cities and offer a lot of sightseeing and unique experiences. Stockholm: The […]

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Festivals Music Videos

Way Out West – more WOW than ever!

In its 11th edition Way Out West has thrown its biggest festival so far – bigger size, bigger line-up, bigger production… Total WOW factor everywhere! Around 34,000 souls stepped into Gothenburg’s Slottskogen fields every day, looking to satisfy their thirst for excitement, music and fun, because this is what Way Out West is all about, as we could discover by talking to the […]

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Way Out West 2014: Two Days in Search of Flow

I don’t consider myself a music festival-goer. I like music, I like people, I like hanging out in wide open spaces under a pale sun or even clouds filled with rain, but putting all those things together over the course of several days… it’s just something I’ve never really been into.

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