25 Jul 2024
Why Stockholm is a Fantastic City For Geeks
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Why Stockholm is a Fantastic City For Geeks

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Stockholm has long been known for its attitude of acceptance. No matter who you are or where you come from, there is something in the city for you. There is a big movie culture, with particular interest in indie films, sci-fi and fantasy. Sweden’s history is steeped in folklore and the incredible legends and characters often seep into the mainstream. And when it comes to fashion, the geek look is always in. In Stockholm there is very much the attitude of wear whatever you want — who cares what anyone else thinks. There are some great places in the city to celebrate your inner geek and if you are at home, you can even get it delivered to your doorstep.  

Science Fiction Bokhandeln 

Situated in the heart of Gamla Stan is the bookshop of dreams, Science Fiction Bokhandeln (Västerlånggatan 48, 111 29 Stockholm). Here you will find books, movies, graphic novels, posters and plenty of other merchandise. There are titles in not only Swedish and English, but plenty of other languages — even Japanese. One of the best sections of the store is tucked away on the third floor. The gaming den is completely dedicated to board games and table-top games. Whether you like D&D or are a 7 Days of Wonder fan, there is something here for everyone – it is top-quality entertainment, whatever the weather.  

Geeking out at home 

Many people are currently staying at home or self-isolating. But don’t worry, you can still get your geeky fix delivered straight to your door. A monthly geek subscription box will give you something to look forward to. My Geek Box is a good option if you are interested in the latest toys, games and apparel and each box has a different theme. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, check out the Loot Crate Wizarding World box. Every month you will find something mystical and magical to delight you – definitely one for all the Gryffindors out there.

Dragon’s Lair 

Gaming isn’t all about sitting in front of a screen looking at digital images — real life gaming is thriving in Stockholm at Dragon’s Lair (Sveavägen 118, Stockholm). This isn’t just a board game shop, it is a place to hang out and make new friends. You can join one of the tables having a chilled out game of Magic the Gathering, or take part in one of the Yu-Gi-Oh challenges. At Dragon’s Lair there is a full calendar of gaming events and everyone is welcome. They even run courses for parents to help them understand more about the video games that their children are playing. This is a real community-driven shop that cares about the people of Stockholm.  

Tekniska Museet

Tekniska Museet (Museivägen 7, 115 27 Stockholm) is the national museum of technology and science. It is a fun, hands-on experience for both children and adults alike. You can explore lights, sounds and mechanics with one of the many interactive displays and the museum is a great way to learn about the famous Swedish inventor, Christopher Polhem. One of the most popular sections of the museum is the MegaMind area, which is packed with experiments for you to try. There are also seasonal displays — currently, there is a really thought-provoking exhibition about moving to Mars and also one about the incredible advances in AI technology.

Stockholm embraces geek culture with open arms; you only have to visit the annual Sci-Fi World Convention or the Comic Con to see this. Stockholm is a city that celebrates the curious, the dreamers and anyone that lives on another planet — everyone is welcome!

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