19 Jul 2024
Stockholm’s dining out hotspots: Man in the Moon
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Stockholm’s dining out hotspots: Man in the Moon

Your Living City stumbled on this hotspot during a night time jaunt with the Stockholm After Dark pub crawlers. This gastro-pub caught our eye with their vast amount of international beers on tap, something expats can be particularly grateful for. Whether you’re from Canada, China, or anywhere in between, chances are you’ll find a beer for you. Our reporter Kristan Coleman writes this weeks review on Stockholm’s dining out hotspots.

Man in the Moon

Tegnérgatan 2C

T-bana: Rådmansgatan

Tel: 08-458 95 00

Email: [email protected]


Man in the Moon is a restaurant and bar with a wide selection of local and international beers supplied mainly by independent breweries from all over Sweden and around the world.


Although their passion is beer, they consider themselves a restaurant first and foremost. The menu is Swedish inspired, although it also serves standard dishes like burgers and fries.  Along with a fixed menu, the kitchen also rotates certain dishes depending on the season. Similar to their broad beer collection, the menu changes about every 3 months; and there is always at least one vegetarian dish on the menu. The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner.

The pub enjoys themes as a way to match food and beer in distinct combinations. For instance, during the German Oktoberfest they will feature German dishes to go with select German beers, and this coming May they will feature asparagus dishes along with beers from Belgium and wine from Germany to compliment the meal. All their dishes are beautifully presented and offer hearty portions, but the best way to enjoy any meal here is to complete it with the right beverage, and the staff are always ready to suggest a matching beer.


Here’s where Man in the Moon really shines.  Micro-brews are their specialty, and boy do these guys know their beer.  The bar has about 30 rotating beers on tap, as well as a wide selection of bottled beers mostly from international micro-breweries. A massive selection of Belgian beer along with Swedish and American beer is only the beginning. Guests can order anything from brown ale from Denmark to a lager from Kenya. There is even a vintage beer menu of over 160 different beers, with some bottles dating as far back as 1985. They also have “guest taps” that feature local and international micro-brews, so even regulars can try something new.

For a whole new experience you can try a fruit-beer which can only be described as a cross between a beer and a port wine (try it with a bit of chocolate and you’ll be amazed!). The selection is a bit overwhelming but rest assured it’s all served by a bar tender that is well-versed in this expansive and unique collection. “We’re not taste fascists here,” jokes Sakir, the main bar tender who is always glad to navigate customers through the menu. And if beer simply isn’t your preference, they also have an impressive collection of about 60 different single malt whiskeys, as well as a few vintage spirits and a nice wine collection.

Tip: The English translation is in the back of the menu.


They keep things classy and simple with deep green fabrics and dark wood paneling in an open space where you can feel comfortable ordering a full meal or just having a drink at the bar.  The bar itself is in the middle of the room adorned with a stunning variety of glasses that catch your eye as they glitter in the atmospheric lights. There is also a banquet room available for large private gatherings with a fireplace and lounge chairs; but for a better idea of the layout you can always check out a 360⁰ view of the restaurant found on their website.

The staff are very friendly; as is the manager, and because they personally choose each beer that is on tap, you can trust that they know what they’re talking about. They even visit beer festivals in Stockholm to get the latest trends and discover new brews.


At Man in the Moon you get an upscale atmosphere without the upscale attitude. If you’re a real beer drinker, this bar is the perfect place for you. These guys are far too enthusiastic about beer to be snobby about it. You will almost certainly appreciate the unique, warm nature of this establishment. And don’t forget to ask about their own beer creation which they developed together with a Swedish micro-brewery called “Månens Pale Ale”.

By Kristan Coleman



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