17 Jul 2024
The Stockholm Netball Club
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The Stockholm Netball Club

Looking for some healthy competition in a friendly environment?

Join one of the coed teams in the Stockholm Netball Club!


The only netball club in Sweden has come a long way in 3 short years.  The club started out from modest means by marking out a court with chalk and playing with a basketball in random car-parks in Stockholm. The club has since grown to having 2 stable venues and embarks on multiple international jaunts to competitions around Europe each year.

The Netball Club currently has a membership of around 50 players participating in this technical and tactical sport, with a cohesive tournament and 4 stable teams providing a competitive level of netball. This season the Magic Elks took home first place in the Ahrens Cup after a goal for goal nail-biting finale against the Top Dogs.

Much of the success of the club is due to the openness and encouragement of all those who participate.  The club is made up members of 16 different nationalities, both guys and girls ranging from beginners to experienced players.



The Stockholm Netball Club is offering an open invitation to anyone interested in playing. Visit www.stockholmnetball.com to find out more information.

Are you already part of the Netball Club in Stockholm? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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